Byzantine Kitty-Be not distracted by cuteness and fluff

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Be not distracted by cuteness and fluff.

But whenever I see this summoner I always distract because of its overloaded cuteness. I want to cuddle this kitty but I can't 😂. Whenever people use this summoner against me this kitty always pleases my eyes. I never mind getting defeated by this kitty summoner. I have been accumulating decs for byzantine kitty. Last night when I saw I have 0ver 100k decs I went ahead and looked at its price on the market. First I had this thought in my mind xawi let's make it at least level 2 for silver level. I purchased 3 BCX Byzantine kitty 14.500$/BCX each. When I made it to level 2 then I realised what is the essence of making it to level 2 when I rarely play silver league tournaments. I decided to make my kitty level 3. I was fortunate enough someone placed a byzantine kitty at 13$/BCX but only 2 BCX. A few moments ago I purchased the same summoner 14.5$/bcx and now I was getting a 1.5$ discount. Without having a second thought I purchased 2 BCX at 13$ each and 1 more at 14.99$.

That's how I made my kitty Level 3. Only 5 more BCX and I just looked at the market. Overnight it is selling at 17$/BCX now. It means I did a great job I made it to level 3. If only I had some more decs.

My cuddly, fluffy Kitty😍 😘


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Among all the other untamed legendary summoners this kitty summoner is my favourite. And this kitty has only a few lines of Lore and those lines are equal to 100 lines. Well, That looter byza did a really great job with this kitty summoner.

This kitty looks so sweet and cute but she is really tough on the battlefield. She heals the monster that is placed in the first position. And that true strike ability is awesome. Your monster will never miss any shot. Also, it gives +2 speed so you can see how tough this kitty is. This kitty is a must to have a card in your collection. I would say don't waste your time go and get one for yourself. I am out of decs otherwise would have made it to level 4. But I will do it in no time I am sure.

My first gold foil tournament win

My gold foil deck zawarrior finally won one tournament today. All thanks to gold foil Zaku but your strategy also matters. I had a quite tough opponent in my group but i am happy I slew all of them with yodin Zaku and brought Gold cup at home.


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very cool, i was waiting for the kitten's price to drop, but it looks like it's going up .... if i go back to 14 i'll do like you! Congratulations on winning the gold foil tournament. And congratulations on winning the Brave tournament! You're the best.

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Aww thank you so much

I just love this summoner.

yep very hard to get win against this summoner

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