Crypto world is so unpredictable and also The most fun place to play

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Right now my situation is exactly like this bitmoji. I am not even sure if I am happy about being decless, sad or what. But I have been experiencing mixed feeling for the past couple of days. I have been accumulating my decs for the upcoming Lands thing and the other cool stuff splinterlands is announcing almost on daily basis.

A few days ago there was DEC feast given by J6969 uncle :P XD Yea he tried to crash DEC market and we lurkers took advantage of that feast and I bought almost 200k DEC. Since then Dec market is just going up and up and not taking time to come down so I can buy more. Indeed the Crypto world is really unpredictable. You can't predict what is going to happen and what should be your next move.

Meanwhile when Hardfork is knocking our heads Hive supposed to go high and Dec should go down a little but it seems things moving in the opposite direction. I have been saving up my hive so I can buy my Legendary summoners but hive price has refused to fulfil my dream. Anyways it is what it is.

Now the new news is circulating around that 10th Of the October is the big day for Splinterlands and Dec price might hit 0.006 but on the other hand due to Hardfork if Hive price goes up then Dec price can go down. Then we can buy decs but nothing is sure it's speculations. Anyways we will see how it goes.

I am here to tell you that finally, I have maxed my Yodin Zaku and I've been working on my fire deck for the past couple of days. I spent all the decs I purchased during that DEC feast. And now I am feeling like this.


LOlz, I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because now finally I can take revenge from my enemies :P XD especially Byza :P and sad because I am decruppted :P But to achieve something there is always something to lose :( the sad reality of life but it's true.

So ladies and gentlemen here I am presenting my first Untamed maxed legendary summoner Yodin Zaku



I spent a total of 100,448 DECS and since I used monster market for my purchasing I got cashback 4852DEC. Currently, Yodin Zaku is in cooldown and after 30 hours I will be able to slay my opponents with this savage cards.

Now I have maxed Zaku so it was time to focus on my other monsters so I maxed my few cards and some are in process.




I maxed Spark Pixie, Flamesmith and Fire elemental. The cards are in the process Goblin Fireballer, Serpentine spy Living Lava, Finease rage etc etc.

Meanwhile, when people are busy collecting decs I am busy spending them on the cards. But if you want to earn decs you have to have all cards so i am not making a bad deal. With this short message, I'd say goodbye see y'all after Hardfork till then take care

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Hey, girl.
I feel you.
Puts a real damper on muh days sometimes. 😉
But... I must say, that is a very attractive max Yodin you have there.
I shall now cower in your company. 😌

yep very attractive :P

lol u gettin hit on by uncle steemmonsters? wow lol

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Good to see you around dear Xawi! Best Regards!

thank you same to you

Congrats for the maxed Zaku. Thanks for sharing.

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zaku xawi sounds similar, is @zaku your brother?

and im ackza so ackzawi sounds right
also @zaxan addhim in and @avral and u got some crazy names man

@ackza @avral @zaxan @zaku @xawi sounds like were all just re arranging each others names

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