Naga Warrior- A brutal and savage who is known for fighting to the absolute, bitter, bloody end.

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Heya splinterlander's,

Naga Warrior An absolute brutal queen of the water deck. If you don't have this savage queen in your water deck then trust me your water deck is incomplete. I have maxed Alpha edition Naga warrior in my collection. Gone are those days when Alpha edition cards were used to be cheap but now they are almost out of reach. Lately, there has been massive price inflation in alpha edition cards.
People say the Alpha market is stagnant and buying the Alpha edition is not a wise move. But I do what I feel like doing. Beta edition always seem to me ugly cards. Alpha cards enhance the beauty of your deck with their epic looks. This is the reason I have gotten plenty of chances of buying cheap beta edition but I always look for alpha edition instead.

Oops, I forgot I am writing a post on Naga Warrior and not on the comparison of Alpha and Beta edition :P

Naga Warrior

She belongs to water splinter and she is an epically epic monster. I was lucky enough I got her at a very cheap price. Currently, maxed Alpha Naga warrior is worth 40$ and I purchased her for just 18$. That was a great purchase.


She has retaliate ability at level 1 and she is a 5 mana monster. She gets enrage ability at level 4 and you need 32 BCX in order to max her up.

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Wer-gewinnt


The only given rule was unprotected. This is the reason I used Naga warrior. Naga warrior can be a beast with her enrage ability in an unprotected rule.

My Line-up

Naga Warrior
I used Naga Warrior the theme of the week in the first position. As expected she did pretty well in an unprotected rule. So the purpose of using her in such a rule was fulfilled. She does belong to the water deck. Water deck means magic attack but she can't stand in front of magic attack. She can be killed easily if your opponent is also coming up with a magic attack. I love using her in no neutral ruleset, Low mana games, unprotected.

gif sp.gif

Kelp Initiate
Kelp Initiate is one of the best rare cards of the reward edition. I love using this card in the second position. It does its job pretty well. Its cleanse ability along with triage and high speed is awesomely awesome.

gif sp.gif

I used this monster for the purpose of healing. This 1 mana monster is also great. In the unprotected rule, I usually use this monster.

gif sp.gif

Ruler of the Seas
The great Ruler of the Seas. Such a cool legendary of a water deck. Water deck is almost nothing without Ruler of the Seas :P XD It increases the speed of all friendly monsters. Its silence ability helps to reduce the magic attack of your opponent's monsters. Also, its blast ability is badass.

gif sp.gif

Spirit Miner

My next attacker is Spirit Miner. Spirit Miner also increases the speed of all the friendly monsters. It has dodge ability and blind as well. Both abilities are cool. The blind ability helps against melee and ranged attack. With blind ability, there are high chances of missing hits.

gif sp.gif

Creeping Ooze
Creeping Ooze in the last position. I wanted to reduce the speed of my opponent's monsters. Also if there was a sneak attack then Just to save some time I used it in the last position.



gif sp.gif


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@tipu curate

It's frustrating doing these challenges when the challenge card doesn't actually really do anything, same with mine this week.

Funny, I also played the Kelp alongside Naga snd he was much more useful because his high speed also led to a crucial miss.

Although I don't tend to associate kelp with speed!