- Cheapest way to buy UNTAMED/ORB packs.


Hey Splinterlands Warriors, how are you doing? I hope you guys are doing well. I have a question for you, Do you take care of your wallet? I mean how much you try to save money from your daily or business expenses?

Today I am going to share 2 easy way to buy SPLINTERLANDS BOOSTER PACKS at cheap price and MonsterMarket is the one who providing this cheapest way to buy SPLINTERLANDS BOOSTER PACKS.

Most of you already know about, MonsterMarket has the highest revenue sharing in the space - 60% for cards (3% of your spending) and 40% for packs (2% of your spending), no minimum spending is required. Selling Splinterlands Booster Packs in two way.

Let's discuss about those more briefly....


From this page you are buying packs directly from Splinterlands(Steem Monsters) using Therefore you will get every Splinterlands perks such as Airdrops, Giveaways, and Maverick status etc. When you buy packs using our market, we earn commission and share 40% of that instantly with you (2% of your purchase amount). Buying procedure with cashback proofs given below.

PRO TIP : Do you know you can save 7% from booster packs buy ? how ??? It's pretty easy, Use your affiliate account to buy untamed packs. For that you will get 5% instant cashback from Splinterlands and you will also get 2% cashback from So, it's 7% saving for you, even if you don't use your affiliate account then you are saving 2%.

Procedure :

Today I bought 500 packs from my affiliate account cardshop. I am showing the screenshot of that purchase to describe it.


  1. First you need to login into from your affiliate account. As you can see I logged in from cardshop and cardshop is referred by zaku. So that i will get 5% affiliate commission from splinterlands on zaku.
  2. You need enough balance for buying packs. If you want to purchase with DEC, then you need DEC into your in-game balance, not into Steem-engine wallet. On our site you will see your current balance.
  3. Double check your Referred account.
  4. Input the quantity number. Splinterlands offering 10% packs bonus on 100-499 packs purchase and 15% bonus on 500 or more packs purchase at one go. You will get same from our site, just input the number and it will show the bonus pack number in below.
  5. As I said 15% bonus on 500 or more packs purchase.So I am getting 75 bonus packs on 500 packs purchase.
  6. Here you will see estimated cashback from Monstermarket.
  7. Here you will see the value of your purchase. I want to purchase 500 packs, so if i want to buy in STEEM then it will cost me 6379.524 STEEM, if i want to buy in SBD then it will cost me 1205.382 SBD or if I want to buy in DEC then it will cost me 1000000 DEC. Price in STEEM/SBD depend on market price, but price in DEC always same. I want to use DEC to purchase those packs, so after clicked into BUY a pop-up window will show up.

Recheck everything and click on purchase, confirm your purchase through Keychain or Steemconnect. After successful purchase you will see a confirmation massage.

That's mean your purchase complete and you got your packs into your in-game balance. With in a minute you will get 5% Affiliate bonus into your main account(In-game wallet) and 2% cashback by MonsterMarket into your purchase account balance(Steem-engine wallet).

Proof : As I said i bought 500 Packs today and I got 50000 DEC (5%) affiliate commission into my zaku and 20000 DEC (2%) Cashback into my cardshop Steem-engine balance.

So, I saved 70000 DEC from this purchase. In that case each UNTAMED packs cost me: {(1000000 -70000 = 930000) / (500 + 75 = 575) } = 1617.40 DEC/pack. Current price of 1617.4 DEC is 6.5844354 STEEM ($1.035571).

MonsterMarket Shop:

Well this is the most amazing thing we implemented into our site. You no need to worry about any affiliate account, commisssions, cashbacks. You can buy UNTAMED/ORB packs at cheap price from us. This is MonsterMarket Shop, MonsterMarket Shop is a secondary market for UNTAMED edition booster packs and ORB. That's mean you are buying 2nd handed UNTAMED/ORB packs. Buying booster packs from this page is similar to buying from Steem-Engine. These packs doesn't count towards your total packs eligible for Splinterlands airdrops and maverick status. So if you want to your purchases to count towards airdrops and maverick status, please purchase from Packs.


Buying Untamed/Orb packs from MonsterMarket Shop is very easy.

  1. You need DEC into your Steem-engine balance. We are only asking DEC for those packs, so Steem/Sbd/DEC market won't affect the asking price of those packs.
  2. Put the quantity, there is no bonus packs on 100 or more packs buying.
  3. Price : We are asking 1650 DEC/Untamed packs and 2230 DEC/ORB packs. This is the cheapest way to get low numbers of packs. You no need to buy 100 or 500 packs to get cheap price. You can buy 1 pack at cheap rate from here. For ORB if your guild lodge max, that means you will get 10% discount on ORB buying from splinterlands so every ORB packs from there will cost you 2500-10% = 2250 DEC, but we are offering at 2230. But if you buy 100 ORB packs at once from splinterlands with max guild lodge bonus then that will be cheaper than us. But for single buy MonsterMarket Shop is the cheapest way.
  4. Packs Available : Here how many packs we have on our shop will be showed. We always moderate our shop, so it will be filled always.
  5. Smash that Buy Button to purchase packs and complete the payment through Keychain or Steemconnect. You will get Packs automatically into your Steem-engine balance.


Why use

We are sharing 60% and 40% of our revenue from the cards and packs purchases with the users respectively. All cashbacks are instant. You don't have to wait or purchase a set amount to get better cashbacks.

If you have any suggestions or there is a problem please reach out to us in Discord.


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