$THGAMING Official Announcement ๐Ÿ“ข Staking Enabled, Liquidity Pool(s) Pending.


$THGAMING Staking Upgrade Is Live!

Community support for $THGAMING has been impressive so far! We've seen large buy-ins from influential hive platforms such as @oneup-cartel, @psyberx and @brofund with over 500 wallets now hold $THGaming thanks to Liquidity Pool rewards set up by @dynamicrypto, one of our Hive Community builders.

If you're interested in participating in these pools, we're currently supporting:


Staking has been set to a 28-day power-down cycle with 4 weekly payouts. We know many would prefer a shorter "lock-in" period, but the goal is to provide a compromise between investers wanting long-term security against extreme volatility and short-term holders wanting easily accessible liquidity. We intend to provide functionality for $THGAMING holders that encourage both regular spending and long-term holding.

Pricing Roller-Coaster

Speaking of volatility, $THGAMING is currently experiencing a price correction following the massive (30x!) growth from its ICO:

tribaldex 7 Feb 2022.png

While this is both exciting and nerve-racking to watch, $THGAMING isn't currently concerned by these movements. As a new coin, we expect the price to shift organically in both directions as holders look for age-old opportunities to "buy the dip" and "sell the rip". We are closely monitoring transactions for any attempts to manipulate the price, however, and we'll take steps to protect our holders against any malicious actions.


$THGAMING currently has a supply of 11,000,000 tokens with ~4.5M spread across 500+ holders thanks to both private and public sales. We're currently sitting on ~6.5M $THGAMING that we intend to use as follows:

  • 2M Staked Holdings
  • 2M Liquid Reserve
  • 2M Liquidity Pools
  • 500k Developer Payments

This numbers will change once we've begun transitioning to Phase 2, but we will cover these changes in detail in our whitepaper (currently a W.I.P.).

Blockchain Games

#THGaming has a long history of actively playing and supporting blockchain games, and we're looking at the following for the initial "launch" events for $THGAMING:

While we're not yet ready to disclose what these events will entail, we hope to announce one or more of these gaming-related events once we've unlocked delegation and curation rewards for $THGAMING.


As outlined in our previous Roadmap, we're currently focused on the following steps included in Phase 1:

  1. Unlocking $THGAMING Staking โœ…
  2. Creating our first $THGAMING Liquidity Pool(s)
  3. Unlocking $THGAMING Delegation and Curation Rewards
  4. Preparing for transition to Phase 2

$THGAMING Liquidity Pool(s)

The $THGaming token was designed to be a utility token, and we're currently fleshing out a detailed breakdown of our intended use-cases that will be included in our forthcoming whitepaper. By the time we enter Phase 3, there will be so many staking opportunities you won't know where to put your money!

In the meantime, we want to reward our early adopters, so setting up a Liquidity Pool (LP) is of utmost importance. This is our current priority as we continue to progress through Phase 1. An LP will allow $THGAMING holders to stake their tokens to earn $THGAMING and other Tribe tokens at a high APR%, often 250% or higher.

We're currently researching the viability of two LP's, but costs may prohibit us from launching more than one initially:


If you're interested in partnering with $THGAMING to provide LP Rewards, please join our Discord and talk to @dynamicrypto or @jim-crypto. We're eager to speak with you and would love to discuss introducing your token(s) to future $THGAMING holders!

$THGAMING Delegation and Curation Rewards

As previously mentioned, our tentative plan is to begin launching gaming-events with the enabling of $THGAMING delegation and curation rewards. We feel it's important to have these features in place before any such events so that our holds can participate more fully in the sharing of content on Hive. We'll provide more details on this in our whitepaper

Phase 2 Transition

Our previous roadmap has provided guidance on where we're headed with $THGAMING, and an updated roadmap will be included in our whitepaper. We'd still like to quickly outline the first steps we'll be taking once Phase 1 has developed enough for Phase 2 to enter the picture. While we previously tied Phase 1 to an estimated duration of time, our new roadmap will be a mixture of specific milestones and planned delays to allow for market stabilization between major developments.

In this case, Phase 2 will be marked by an increase of the token supply to 100,000,000. We do not intend to immediately deploy the full supply, and we'll provide a detailed breakdown of how these new tokens will be apportioned. Regardless of the final figures, the vast majority of these new tokens will be set aside for specific development, reward and engagement programs. After our initial public sales, most new tokens will reach holders through indirect methods in a pre-determined manner.


While we're currently well ahead of schedule in a number of ways, there's still considerable work do be done particularly in the area of funding the token upgrades crucial for driving value to $THGAMING holders. With great pressure comes come responsibility (or something like that ;P), and we are definitely feeling the pressure! We're aware that larger investors are watching us closely, and we're focused on providing transparency ahead of any major developments.

For the time being we're 'Hive Community' funded, and it feels great to know that our token is already providing profits for ordinary Hiveans right now.

Phase 1 โ€” Building the Castle

We've completed the following goals:

  • Mint initial token supply of 11,000,000
  • Create basic Hive Community and Social Media Channels (see below)
  • Financing of Staking upgrade

We're currently working on:

  • Creating first Liquidity Pool(s)
  • Financing Delegation/Curation upgrades
  • Collaborations with Hive Tribes, Games, Communities.

Our overall goal at this time is to develop $THGAMING to the point of passive value generation before building active rewards like events and airdrops into our platform.

Phase 2 - Fortifying and Farming

We're currently working on:

  • Apportioning of increased token supply (100,000,000)
  • Investment Portfolio research (Games, NFTs, Airdrops)
  • Hiring permanent staff

While we're not yet ready to begin acquiring a portfolio, we've keeping track of appealing opportunities in case we find ourselves in a position where we can begin investing in them ahead of schedule. Our core team has also been established, and we're actively discussing what other roles are necessary for supporting $THGAMING through each development phase.

Phase 3 - Spreading Across the Land

We're currently working on:

  • Logistics long-term funding of gaming scholarships

Details on our scholarships are unlikely to be released anytime soon, but a core value for #THGaming is supporting the gaming community by providing opportunities to deserving gamers. This means part of our initial development will focus on ensuring we've built funding into our budget for the eventual launch of gaming scholarships.



We understand the importance of a whitepaper, and we've received many requests for one since our ICO. This is a top priority for us, and we'll provide an update as soon as we're ready to. Our initial plans have shifted slightly since launch, as unexpected opportunities have opened to us. We want to make sure our whitepaper presents a roadmap we can realistically adhere to, and we intend to be as transparent as it makes sense to be regarding all of the goals we have and the steps we're taking to reach them.

As such, mark your calendars for 3-1-2022 as the tentative release date for our first major announcement regarding $THGAMING. We still intend to provide multiple updates between now and then regarding what we're working on (including the release of our whitepaper!), but we hope to unveil our first major use-case for $THGAMING at that time.

We're looking forward to discussing all that we're working on in the near future, and we hope you're able to enjoy this exciting journey we're sharing :)

Official Social Media Links

๐Ÿ”น THGaming Hive Community

๐Ÿ”ธ THGaming Discord

๐Ÿ”น THGgaming Instagram

๐Ÿ”ธ Linktree Official

For serious (seed) investor inquiries, contact Jim Crypto at [email protected]

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