All monsters are born Equal, but some are more equal than others

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Splinterlands has quite a lot of selling points and one of the top reasons for the game being so successful are the rules. Personally, I've always liked Super Sneak, then Melee Mayhem in second and equaliser is a close third in order of preference. This rule basically ensures that monsters of both teams start with the same amount of health as the monster with the one with the highest health.

In this featured battle, the rules were Melee Mayhem and equaliser, and I reveled in the opportunity to capitalise on it. Here's how the battle went down;

The Battle
link to battle


Picking this summoner is probably the easiest choice I've had to make in Splinterlands this week. I leased this level 3 legendary summoner at Peak monster and he boosts Melee, speed and reduces health for my opponent. That is literally the best thing I could ask for from my summoner in this battle.

Giant Robot

Not one of the most glamourous monsters out there but it certainly gets the job done. It has that knock out ability that can get you out of a pinch when it uses it. As far as I can tell, this giant robot that costs just a few cents was the best choice for this melee mayhem battle.

ANother reason why this was the preferred tank for the battle is that it has that shield, and it will work in tandem with my fixer monkey at the back

Mr. Rager

Fast, precise and hardly ever misses. This rare monster stood right behind the Tank because of its reach ability. In Melee Mayhem battles, the key to winning is finding a way to shoehorn as many of these type of guys. Whether it is reach or sneak, you need to pile them into your team, since hits are generally few and far.

The other plan for this ragey monster was the fact that it was fast. In the event that my tank gets taken out, I hoped it would dodge a few hits, which is exactly what happened.

Bob The Builder

Okay this monkey monkey didn't participate in battle but its application as more subtle. It's role was to fix the shield of the monster that had taken the most damage on its shield; Goblin Mech. I added this monster to preserve my tank for as long as possible.

The Ninja

Imagine going into a fist fight without Serpentine spy, can't be me. I don't know what it is about this common card but it is one of my favourite monsters around and so it always finds a way into my team. EVen in situations where I could get something better, I'd still pick it.

In this case though, there was no other choice because I was constrained by mana cap and the melee mayhem rule, so it went straight into the team.

Sneaky Worm

So, yeah, Sandworm was a late addition to the team and with a 6-melee damage, it is easy to know why this card got the nod. I put it right before the rear guard because it was slow and wouldn't want it to be the decider from the front. I prefer keeping my slow monsters at the back. If it had spikes, this sand worm would have been very ugly to fight against.

Elephant in the room

Last but certainly not the least, we have the War Chaang. In some way, it was the sacrificial piece of the puzzle but only because it got poisoned by that pesky skeleton. If it were any other monster without poison, it would have been around a bit more.

The War Chaang is sort of a cheat in melee mayhem battles because it also has ranged attack. It is the best card to have around when Melee mayhem is combined with back to basics. In this battle, we had equaliser, so it lasted a bit longer than usual in the front line but not before retaliating one hit that came from that pesky skeleton.

It worked out

Well, yeah, the strategy worked out for this battle, even though I was up against an opponent with more advanced cards. My opponent's team was setup to stifle my rear guard offense through that skeleton with the shield, then also do poisonous damage with the other skeleton with the sneak and poison.

Other than that spiky wolf, and the Skeleton with shield ability at the back, there wasn't really enough defence from my opponent. Compare that to my own team that had a tank with plenty shield, and a rear protector with retaliate ability.

Witht hat said though, if I were to make a change, it would be to replace the Goblin Mech with my recently leased Chain Golem, and replace the fixer monkey with a Kobold miner, basically, anything to take out that pesky Skeleton Assassin.

Get In The Game

If you enjoyed this battle and would like to join the game, you can join with my affiliate link below and we'd both stand the chance of getting a gold foiled legendary monster that could be worth like $100


Hey, I dig that reference to Animal Farm in your title! That book is a favorite of mine.

Btw, I like using Exploding Dwarf in a equalizer game. It has high damage and with blast ability but only one life, making it ideal for this rule.

Thanks man, I was just having fun with the title.

Level 5 and above exploding dwarf is the best for this match. It can dodge melee attack but even if you hit, there's still the chance it will retaliate and do some more damage.


Indeed! And this summoner of yours makes a big difference with speed and melee boost. I never gotten around to use it in battle though. Perhaps someday. :)

Yeah the summoner is pretty bad ass, I actually leased it. Wasn't around when the beta packs were popping, as I only started playing in February this year

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Another great Battle Challenge from you.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Oooh you used the Plado Emberstorm as the summoner.
Brilliant lineup.
Keep on battling.

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