MY JOURNEY @SPLINTERLANDS - Trying To Reach Diamond II ...

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Hello all @splinterlands lovers,

How was your daily quest?

Mine was with Deagon Splinter.

Here are the rewards I got from chest.


Made with Canva


Total 03 cards, Potions and DEC.

Last quest was easy as compare to the previous day. Nit played much matches after completing the quest as Energy Capture Rate was already near to 80%.
Last day I do some shuffling and send cone cards to my Alt @freemonster so that the account will be eligible fkr Diamond II (already playing in Diamond III with @freemonster). Some gold cards are now settled in alt acountto increase the collection score. Hopefully buth the account will be unlocked Diamond II before season end.

Account evaluation

Total worth of the collection is $784 (data from discord bot).

Market Cap


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Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.



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