SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Goblin Mech

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The HIVE market has been going absolutely nuts the last couple of days and I've been kinda glued to the price charts. I've been meaning to do this post for some time now, as the battle I wanna share is quite an unique one and I haven't seen anyone else use this tactic.


So this week's theme is Goblin Mech! YESSHH!! Goblin Mech is one of my first purchases I made taking suggestion from @sayee and I was not disappointed at all! In fact I was so impressed with its strong armor, great speed and devastating Melee, and I used Goblin Mech so often as my go to Tank that I quickly upgraded it to level 4! Although most of my summoners can summon a common monster upto level 3, I just like Goblin Mech so much that I couldn't resist any great deals I saw on the market! But my go to tank changed it's position in a very special tactic this week!


The Battle

This was a 34 mana battle with the Super Sneak rule. So all monsters with Melee attack has the sneak ability and can attack the last monster on the opposition team. Up until this point I was using Goblin Mech as a very strong tank to take down the opposition tanks and that's what I have seen most players do. I changed my strategy here a bit!

My Lineup

I still went with a strong tank in Nectar Queen. I expected my opponent to with a strong tank and judging from his previous battles I was totally expecting Goblin Mech from him up front and that's exactly what he put up. So for my plan, I needed a tank that wouldn't immediately be taken down by a strong opposition tank, my tank had to endure a few rounds for me to succeed in my strategy. I used the healing monster Wood Nymph in the lineup for this purpose, keeping the queen's health up after every round.

I also used Brownie specifically for increasing Nectar Queen's speed as I needed it to keep up with the opposition tank. I didn't use it at position 2 as I didn't want to expose it to the opposition tank very early in case Nectar Queen fell quickly as I still would need the speed of my other monsters. And of course I used Creeping Ooze too, Duh!

For position 2 I went with Stonesplitter Orc. I like this card a lot for it's retaliate ability. So in case my tank fell early and my position 2 was exposed early on, It would have the chance to cause double damage to the opposition tank or the opposition second position if they used a monster with reach.

At the same time it would also serve as a protection to my positions 3 4 and 5 monsters which were solely used for tactical purposes in this battle. So I didn't wanna lose those 3 soldiers as they were not intended primarily to attack, instead to support the monsters that I wanted to do the attack!


Surprise Surprise! Goblin Mech as the last monster of the team, whaaat! Yep and it was very well thought out! Firstly, as I had already mentioned, I was totally expecting a very strong opposition tank. So while I focus my tank and magic attack monsters on the opposition tank, I also wanted to completely destroy the opposition back-line so that by the time if I manage to kill their tank, they don't have a strong enough monster coming in. The backline monsters are usually slightly weaker in the lower leagues where I belong for now. So to give myself the best chance to absolutely crushing the opposition back line, I needed to use a monster with a very strong Melee to do the Sneak Attacks.

But at the same time I also needed my last monster to be able to endure multiple attacks every round from the opposition because remember, this was a Super Sneak Rule battle and so all the opposition monsters would be attacking my last monster. If I had say fro example Stonesplitter Orc instead as the last monster, it could have been taken out very quickly exposing my strategic monsters and they'd ALL be taken out in just a single round. I couldn't afford to let that happen. As you can see from the battle, this ploy worked really well for me. Mech endured multiple sneak attacks as if it was just nothing and protected my strategic monsters, and at the same time very quickly demolished the opposition backline along with the help from Stonesplitter Orc so that by the time their Tank fell, there was literally none left in the back to come in! Needless to say I used this tactic a few more times and had success most of the time.


Here's the Link to the Battle if you wanna watch it on Splinterlands!


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BDCommunity Witness

@zaku and @reazuliqbal has been the mind and soul behind the BDVoter project and many of you have received some great support for good content from BDV. The bros have been working tirelessly to make onboarding new users onto the HIVE platform by curating from all over the platform! And now they have set up the BDCommunity Witness.

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That's all from me for now!


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