New splinterlands card to my collection. I held off on buying one beca ...

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New splinterlands card to my collection. I held off on buying one because I thought I would get it eventually.

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I bought it as soon as I can afford it. It still costs $0.04. 🤔

I was tempted to buy him but I wanted to get him from the reward pool. I lost quite a few fights because of how fast and tanky he is.

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Hmmm..... If you already bought one and then got another one, you could sell the new one without waiting for the cooldown and just pay the 5% sale fee. 🤔

Yea I know. I was placing bids on other cards that I wanted more including some gold cards incase people sold them for cheap. At the same time, I was pulling out DEC to fund some of my HE investments.

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I was placing bids

I see that you are using PeakMonsters (or MonsterMarket). 🕵️‍♂️

I was pulling out DEC

On the other hand, I pull out other Hive Engine tokens to buy DEC (and sometimes STARBITS). 😅

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