I would love to start in @splintertalk to comment, vote and eventually ...

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I would love to start in @splintertalk to comment, vote and eventually write about my adventures in @Splinterlands (A game that Im enjoying a lot as Im playing it with some old school MTG friends at the same time)
What is the best method to gain some SPT ? Please and thanks!

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Well the easiest way is just to post content, but you'll get very little (I like dbuzz so I get HIVE rewards).
The best way is to participate in the splinterlands challenges and get a vote from the big curators.

So basically start participating in the contests, quizs and commenting reports etc. . Yeah makes sense. I just wondered that maybe some sort of faucet exists, but it shouldn't be hard to get some cents... ah well. thanks man

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Pretty easy solution: You create good content and I will upvote you. We have 29 million SPT power, which is about 50% of the entire staked SPT. I am chronically in dire need of good content EVERY SINGLE DAY. The key to high upvotes are a) a unique thumbnail for your post, b) an interesting content like a guide, fanart, lore, strategies, buying advice and stuff like that. Be creative, be productive and the upvotes will come.

Using D.Buzz is NOT the way to achieve this. ;-)

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Monster Upvote SPT (Splintertalk.io)

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Wow. Interesting. I think my experience can be useful to Splinterlands players, yes. Good Idea! Will do that and tag you so you can tell me what do you think. Thanks for the tips!

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