Battling against a Legendary Summoner in Splinterlands without using one is thrilling 😅

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Battling against a Legendary Summoner in #Splinterlands using just a "normal" Summoner looks scary! 😨😅


its not about who you bring to the arena, its about where you put them... and how many times they miss lol 😂😅

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The Sand Worm does miss a lot, so I normally only use them when the Ruleset is "Reverse Speed" or "Aim True". 🤔😅

for cards i use very often i invested in the gold versions to get the DEC bonus & to use as a stronger/ faster version of the card. i keep the regular version of the card low so they qualify for the reverse speed match types. kind of like the best of both.

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I didn't know that you can use either the Gold or Regular version of a card in battles! 😮 The reason why I don't want to upgrade certain cards (such as the Sand Worm) is that they will become slightly weaker when used in a battle with the "Reverse Speed" ruleset. 😅

yep exactly so acquire
1 regular to use for slow battles
1 regular to level up for later
1 gold to use for more power/speed
& keep a few loose ones or power 1 up to sell later or rent now
thats how ive been doing it

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I'm hoping to get a Gold Foil Summoner (at least Rare) from a 3-Card Pack. 🤔 Prices in the Market have soared very high, that it would take me a month's DEC earnings just to buy a single Gold Foil Summoner. 💸

buy from to get an instant 60% rebate on your purchases & check their monstermarket discord for cards that are on sale

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#MonsterMarket will give you only an overall 3% rebate from your purchases. 🕵️‍♂️ Even if that is 30% rebate, I would still think twice before paying a lot for Gold Foil cards. 💸

Anyway, thanks for suggesting. 🙂

Yay! 🤗
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Hey @savvyplayer, can you show me again of where can I see the value of my splinterland cards?

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The worth of all your cards is about $63 at Market prices. 🙂