Splinterlands Beginners Tips

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Ciao Splinterlanders!!

If you've just landed in the Splinterlands you may have some difficulty understanding some of the game's mechanics.

Don't panic, it won't take you long to learn, especially if you're familiar with this type of Magic the Gathering's style games.

Here everything is more immediate and simple, the main dynamics meet more on tactics and especially the surprise factor, yes, because you will not know the cards of your opponents until the game starts.

In this tutorial we will see together how to take the first steps in the Splinterlands and I will give you some personal advice on which cards to have from the beginning to be a bit 'advantage over your opponents.


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Thanks for watching & reading, a big hug and see you soon!

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Good job giving out tips man.

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Thanks man! Really appreciate!!!😃✌️

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