@splinterlands Selling my whole Collection either in Bulk or Individually Interested?

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Welcome to My Channel Everyone... I will be selling my entire collection of @splinterlands cards with the 2,000+ DEC I have... Lots of great cards and many of them upgraded... Legendaries, Epics, Rares, Gold Foil, etc... If you are interested in purchasing my collection, please send me a private message either here or where ever you want... I haven't played the game since I left 12 days ago and don't intend to return & happy about my decision as well... Only responsible offers will get my attention... Thanks and thank you for all the support for all the years...

Goodnight all and May You Always Be Happy and Blessed...

Now I'm off again to play a long stretch of World of Warcraft which is a LOT MORE ENTERTAINING... We'll see how that goes... Goodnight all and May You Always Be Happy and Blessed...

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Why would anyone be interested now that you have outlined the game is nothing compared to WOW.

Sorry to hear this. I thought you were a strong proponent of the game. It sounds like you had a MAJORLY bad experience? Care to share? I've had those moments, but stuck through it. be really interesting to AT LEAST hear your beef, considering you have been such an active player for so long...


Update... I just saw your post 12 days ago:


so at least have an understanding of the REASON why you are moving on.

Here is my collection:


and I am focused on gold cards:

I see some gold cards in your collection that I may be interested in, as opposed to buying them for full-price on the market. How could I get in touch with you? Can I message you in Discord? If so, your username there?

I've regularly followed your activity, when I've had the time, and sad to see you go...