Suggested improvement for Splinterlands

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Hello, here is a proposal to improve the game "Splinterlands".

French version

The two points that this change could improve :

Sometimes, during the fights, it can happen to us a rather frustrating situation, I explain myself.
The speed of the monsters is a very important statistic, when two monsters have the same typing speed, it's a toss-up to know who will type first.
It's always annoying to lose a fight just for luck.

We all have piles of cards that we started to level up, but still don't have enough "BCX" to get to the next level.
Like this card for example.

Serpentine Spy lvl 3, 9/16 BCX 7 more cards before the next level.

Suggestions for improvement

First, multiply the characteristics by 10, which would result in :


It's already a good start, it's easier to play with numbers.
That's where it becomes interesting. Let's stay on this card, when it goes from lvl 3 to 4, it will gain 1 in speed, so 10 in our case.


But our card is only 9/16 away from reaching the next level.
I propose a formula that will allow you to enjoy up to 50% of the future characteristic before "lvl-up".

Here's the formula:

Statnextlvl / 2 * actualBCX / (BCXlvlup - 1)

Statnextlvl = The 10 speed points that the card will gain by taking a level.
actualBCX = The 9 cards already merged for the next level.
BCXlvlup = The number of BCX to reach the next level.

10 / 2 * 9 / (16 - 1) = 3
So our card would have 3 more speed points so it's always at level 3, and that can make a big difference during combat.


Of course the remaining 50% and the "capacities" would be acquired only at the passage of level.

Do not hesitate to give your opinion on the subject, see you soon!


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