100+ views for dropping a link in the right place? BEAT THE ALGORITHMS

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It's time for our front-ends to start on-boarding users like crazy and I have just the tactic for grass roots outreach that will bring a ton of eyes on to whichever Hive front end you want to promote. I know Leo has an energized community but I want to see some of the other front-ends also step up and start building their user base while also growing Hive's.

I'm really energized to be working with Natural Medicine and we may have some really big announcements coming up soon over there. I'm gonna see if I can do this for them after another test run or two. I am hoping users from Build-it, CCC, Weedcash, STEM, NFTShowroom, Sportstalksocial and anyone else I'm forgetting can also try this tactic out.

I know I said I was thinking about quitting FB and will eventually but I suddenly had the idea to drop a link in a crypto community on FB for a little experiment. I randomly found a group called "Captain Altcoin - Cryptocurrency Community" and thought it might work.

I linked to peakd intentionally so I could check the view count. I wanted to use something relevant to crypto and something everyone cared about. @jrcornel is one of my go-to guy for market stuff, especially for bitcoin so when I saw his post On average, Bitcoin surges 153% after correcting by 30% during the last Bull Market, I thought "Perfect!”


Dropped the link and within 2 hours, the view count had gone from 10+ views to 100+ views. It's currently the most viewed post on peakd.com(150+ views after 12 hours). It only got 12 likes on FB but the comment section went crazy with people debating the direction bitcoin is heading.

Pretty cool huh?

Before you start spamming links everywhere, take a minute to think about why this worked. The algorithms will destryo you every the time on FB Twitter and Instagram. You need to put a little thought into this to make it work.
-Posting on your feed for your friends will always get less views with a link than without a link, regardless of which platform it is
- FB groups are different. They will show the most recently interacted post at the top of the group. It's the only place I know of on mainstream social media to do that.
- When you reply to a post, it gets bumped back up to the top.
- Most groups won't allow links so you have to choose one that does
- Most groups that do allow links will be lots of spam and no interaction, waste of time
- If you can find a group that allows links and has some level of interaction in a topic related to one of the front ends great! Don't over-post, you don't wanna spam them, you want them to get interested so once or twice a week is enough.
- The post I linked was OBVIOUSLY relevant to the group, not only that it was INFORMATIVE and INTERESTING.
- It had a catchy title
- I left a comment that said "This article lays down the case for a $75k bitcoin very soon" Talk about catchy.
- It wasn't my own post, so no one could accuse me of spamming my own work
- I didn't say JOIN HIVE, CHECK OUT HIVE, which turns a lot of people off

Will any of the 100+ viewers join Hive? I have no idea. It may work, it may not work. But I got peakd's name out there and so next time these people come across a link from peakd or hive, they may remember seeing it somewhere. So if they don't join now, they may join next time. They may browse around first. If 1 or 2 people join it was worth it, and for all I know 70 of them could join.

These is the crypto crowd after all and seeing that number at the bottom, a lot will say "EH!? Crypto!" and want to join.

Just thought this was something worth sharing for all those who want to do PR. I know @nathanmars and friends are all working on Twitter, but you might wanna just pop in to a few facebook groups to see what you can do.

I don't know how much patience I have for this considering how fed up I am with facebook, I will try to do it every once in a while and if I make any new discoveries I will let you know. I hope some people pick up this tactic though, cause I think it can get a lot of eyes on Hive and it's many projects.

If you find a group that allows you to post relevant links and still has a decent level of discussion, let me and other users of that front end know.



Come join us in Hive Cross Culture where we talk and share ideas about Culture, language and travel and share any bilingual content. Join our discord

We also have a @crossculture account curating bilingual posts and running contests to support local communities. If you like what we do, please consider delegating to @crossculture or follow our trail 🙂


I'm also getting much more involved with Natural Medicine, Hoping to help them connect and reward autonomous and conscious communities around the world.

Consider buying the LOTUS token at leofinance.io 's LeoDex or posting at naturalmedicine.io where you can browse posts about healthy lifestyles, spirituality, farming, yoga, psychedelics, healing techniques and more. All your posts will automatically appear at the Natural Medicine community at Hive and you can earn LOTUS and HIVE.

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I have been saying that for years. Most people don't want to join the platform unless they want to create content too, most just want to consume the content, no sign up. Lets incentivize with add revenue to have content producers sharing their content elsewhere. I don't know my view count and don't keep track but I always drop links in relevant conversations or group and people seem to like it but reality they will never join hive, they just want to read interesting stuff they come across on the mainstream social media sites. Our mass consumers everyone is crying for remains untapped on popular social media, we just need a way to cash in on indirect views outside of the platform. During the boom, other crypto magazines used to come fish out my content to bring to their readers, most of them will never join but they still enjoy the content...once again, untapped market of views.

Yeah, I only first joined because a friend was posting here and I wanted to support them. Generally if I link over to an article and it wants me to sign up to post a comment or interact at all, I won't. I don't have time or desire for accounts everywhere in my life.
So like, eyeballs on a post? Yeah, I think this tactic would get eyeballs on a post. But likes and comments on a post and new users? Probably less so. I mean, in this particular instance perhaps, because he was talking to crypto folks who are probably inherently interested in different crypto projects, so they might join up. But I don't know what the solution is to onboarding non-crypto folks except in the case of they're your friends whom you've talked about it with and gotten them interested.
Edit: I think Actifit is probably a good onboarder for fitness folks who use various tracking apps on their phones, so perhaps doing this in fitness groups with Actifit might bring in new users.

It’s not about seeing an article once. No one does anything that way anymore. It’s about seeing the same front end 2-3 times with consistently good content. Or perhaps someone just saying “natural medicine? Wtf is that” and clicking to see what’s there. 2-3 people dropping links in the same group once a week, all really good stuff and I’m sure some will become curious . Sportstaksocial or actfit or weedcash or leofinance or built-it all work better at this than something called Hive. And then once a few of these platforms get their name out there and there are more people in the ecosystem, that name Hive will get out there the same way Steemit did before, and it really did. Steemit reached people this way through word of mouth and shares. There’s no reason Hive can’t

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Maybe you're right, but I guess I never felt like Steemit got out there, either. I feel like, Hive/Steemit is kind of the same vibe as Medium, and I don't have an account there even though I've read plenty of good articles there. I don't sign in with Google either even tho that's an option there nowadays.

Maybe as decentralization becomes more important to the general public or blockchain is more normalized, with as angry as folks are about "traditional" social media - either from a privacy/too big standpoint or a censorship standpoint, that will be a draw to people. I just feel like, from a normie standpoint, which I really am, I only know beans about crypto because I came here - I see a lot of people taking social media breaks or quitting Facebook and they aren't looking for a replacement, they're looking to cut back.

One of the good things about Hive is that there are so many different things for different people - gamers will play some of the games and not care at all about the blockchain it runs on, for instance - and I'm sure some people who are looking for community WILL onboard via the different groups/front ends you mention - I guess I just think we're in a slow-build, long-haul kind of game.

Unless altcoins start mooning, then we'll see an influx of people who just have a major case of FOMO and get-rich-quick dreams.

Steemit was insanely succesful considering there was 0 PR done by steemit inc and we were all waiting for it. There were up to 100,000 users are one point. We have about 10% of that now and we are used to having a company behind us, so we forget that WE have to make it happen, though people are starting to realize it.😉

That was totally not what I was getting at but I do agree to some extent. We should find a way to take advantage of views and not only focus on signing up.

But I don’t think we should give up on getting people to join hive. We don’t need to become as big as Facebook but I think we could outdo Reddit before long if our apps can find their own crowds to pull onboard.

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I get what you are both saying to a point but we also all have different visions I guess. Yes the apps will bring people in over time but what do we do in the meantime while they get built, how do we attract devs and investors to get there? How do we keep the ball rolling until the full vision comes to fruition? I'm commenting based on my experience with my circle. I can't onboard anyone at all. They glaze over once they hear crypto or back up your wallet but always ask me for links to my stuff. Like you said tho, most don't want to sign up to comment and vote but they will if I post it in forums and groups. My point with this is those who want to join will as our articles float around mainstream media creating a constant trickle of new sign-ups without having to pay for a marketing team until we become like reddit or whatever. Some of the add revenue could even pay a marketing team and advertise more than one way.

Everyone is putting the cart before the horse, it will come in time yes but we have to look and live in the now and adapt to what is happening so we can get where we want to be. It is how I personally found it back in the day to begin with, so proof that it does work to onboard. So it serves both needs without shilling the platform or restricting it to crypto people only since that is very niche part of the population.

I noticed many big time bloggers and vloggers with big followings come and go from this platform since they can't grow their following, don't get support and can't earn via adds by bringing the content to their facebook page or other conventional social media. Since most platforms require ORIGINAL content, there is no incentive for them to keep using hive for them since they can get clicks on their stuff but crickets here so they leave and continue on blogpress or whatever because that's where they earn. There is enough non crypto content here that is relevant in the real world but hive is like this beautiful store that we all carefully handcrafted shelves full of stuff but everyday we keep the doors locked and wonder why our new products aren't flying off the shelf.

You are not wrong but it’s not like Hive has a lot to work with, and I also think many people feel overly pessimistic cause their friends don’t join, but if we are honest with ourselves, we usually can’t get our friends to do anything. The best people to onboard are rarely the people closest to us, and I can’t remember the last time I did something cause someone told me too. I think people need indirect exposure first.

The reason most of the influencers don’t stay is because they don’t understand the place and no one takes the time to explain it to them. If you don’t interact or get involved, you don’t go far. Interact a little and it goes a long way.

Could monetization of views and all that help? Absolutely. I don’t see it as necessary at all, but it would certainly make things easier. But I honestly think that’s something the front ends will be able to achieve much better because there’s some variety in the vision and levels of centralization between them.

I don’t think we need to wait for the development to happen. It’s already happening and has been happening. I think we are fine where we at, we just need the numbers going up instead of staying flat (they are no longer going down, so that’s a start). Sow growth could be better than fast growth. This is something new that people will need to get used to if it’s going to work. This isn’t just a social media platform. Potentially it’s a new collection of micro societies.

You should share your ideas with your favorite front ends and see if they implement them. If it works with one, they’ll all start adopting it.

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Were they going down before?? I didn't see that, damn.
And yeah - I think slow growth is probably good. It's a bit of a learning curve for people who have no prior experience to figure out crypto/keys/wallets/etc. and the community being small allows for more help from those who know, whereas if it was a madhouse of new users all the time, they might not get any help and quit in frustration.

I'm glad we are no longer bleeding numbers, I have been afraid to look the past few weeks. For the longest time, I watched and saw 130k daily active users down to 8 k average on a good day. To me that tells me people know about this place, they just don't like it. 1.04 million accounts, I know some are duplicates and all but obviously more than 100 k people know about hive for sure and don't want to use it, that's a big give away that what we are doing now isn't having the desired outcome, time to try something else no matter what anyone believes this place should be.

Influencers don't use it properly no but that's not the point, they turn around and talk to their million fans how poor their experience here or if we are lucky not a mention instead of trashing. If they had a positive experience here and would still be here, they would be shilling to their million followers how awesome this place is and people would follow them like sheep. I follow people around the internet to see what kind of person they are before liking a celebrity and such, and I just take interest in watching and analyzing social behaviors. I don't comment a lot but I read a lot on the blockchain, what the complaints are so on. I see so many stupid posts about ah this person got banned here or there lets bomb their twitter about hive, I'm like hey dumb asses, they were here and left after a year of no results but I try to be polite and abstain from commenting on said posts. You can see where I see the flaws that everyone seems to have unrealistic vision of what the platform currently is, not what it could be. What it could be sells to investors but not users, without users you don't attract many investors. See the dynamics here?

A common one on price and dev is not attractive to build unless you have lots of time and money to invest yourself to absorb the cost making dev slower and less attractive with limited competition (this place needs competition among users of all ranks writers alike)to those that may not find funding and it takes a lot of hive to fund that, therefore a lot of hive on the market causing selling pressure. Now if we implement a few quick token sinks, it gives use case for the token and it will increase in price having to sell less hive to fund dev projects for more coders and faster app building. Yes we do have some but clearly they couldn't keep the 100 k active users we used to have here (steemit, whatever). For that the platform is young and I understand that but most will want to join a easy finished product. Everyone wants some big dream investor to drop bills so it can go on but reality , that's not very likely to happen. The crypto world know we are here, and those that are not just don't want to be. I come across crypto news that mention hive quickly because of our attachments (negative or positive) to Dan Larimer and Justin Sun (not necessarily why they won't invest). But they know we exist.

The front ends will be a good long term hive sink but in time, for now, the platform still has to survive both in usability and user retention along with price cause right now we spit a bunch of tokens but everyone spits them out on the exchanges. Investment, coding and the social aspects all go hand in hand for the success of this platform but I feel like all the focus is on one or the other but never seems to be on all 3 at once and that's why we are struggling on a downward trend.

Implementing a more mainstream look/ approach and an easy way to directly load funds like those dinky games everyone spends money on like angry birds or candy crush or whatever, people have the money to waste on it, obviously they would spend a couple hundred bucks here too id it gave them perks. For example, if we have ads, then $500 fiat sateked investment to enjoy the platform add free and you can make return on investment while it's in there. Worth it no? How about stake X amount for a slider bar, Stake X amount for more thorough content search and spam filter kind of thing. It's a freemium site after all, yes we all recommend it but if there is a button staring you in the face tempting you and it's easy to do, if your willing to go out to a restaurant and spend $100, you will easily sink a few recoverable bucks for a few perks that can be huge HIVE sinks reducing the amount going on exchanges to be sold.

As far as my friends they would rather start a facebook account 4 times a month for every time they get banned and have free speech. People don't want true free speech, they just want something to virtue signal about right or left. It's all about the fight and never was about the ethics of it, why they don't do well in our self policing environment, because it's not for them. That being said, why we are here, because we don't want to be them or see the garbage. So do we really want this mainstream? Or do we want to cash in in a mainstream way while keeping bandwidth clear of spam and keeping a certain standard by bringing our talent to them like a publishing outfit sort of thing, like a tool of the trade for content creators. Why I think until there is enough variety of front ends that we need to cash in on indirect views from people who will never care about crypto because that's the market that is easy accessible in many ways. Fiat funding for development, marketing and onboarding instead of dumping hive on the market. Give those who have the ability to earn on their own the ability to do so because those that have a million followers to bring here depend on it as an income why they chose to stay where they are already established, it only makes sense. Right now, everyone is at the mercy of whales or curation teams which only represents a small minority of accounts.

The downfall with becoming more popular, most social media users post spammy shit like 2017-18 and that's frowned upon and flagged here so it will never become mainstream if mainstream actions are not allowed, it kinda takes the fun out of social media and entertainment. People don't like to be told what to do as you said and just leave because for a censorship proof platform why is everything getting flagged for this or that? I see how it could make someone not want to spend hours here. In the perfect world view it is censor proof but how people see it is how it will be interpreted and also important in user friendliness. Hive is friendly if you know how to play along.

Don't get me wrong none of this was complaining, I use the platform and have fun here no matter what and I do believe it could have a really really bright future because there is enough of us that care to keep it hopping along no matter what and why it's still alive now because of us hardcores but this place has serious problems and it makes it un-attractive and the faster we admit that and fix it, the faster we move on to better days. We don't have stinc in our way anymore, it's all on us. I have commented my ideas on posts that matter for years but it gets ignore so rather than be spamy about it or sound whiny I just whatever and chuggle along in my little mountain blog. As a potential investor, I have no issues investing m time here, but fiat, not convinced yet, many things would have to come to fruition first. I go with the money I have and diversify accordingly. Hive could be on that list in the future but a lot has to change including abuse and other non favorable behaviors that sprout up and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Also the fact too many cash out their earnings immediately including big names and dump on the exchanges doesn't make this an attractive real world investment. If it were easier to power up directly from fiat, I would have a few k's sank in here already but usability apparently isn't a problem here so whatever since I'm the dumbass that can't learn I'm the problem... how many other potential small potatoes investor feels this way? I'm still happy with what I have accumulated with blogging but if it was easier, I would easily pad up my account with 20k tokens because I like it here but also have no issues trying to work my way there.

Sorry for the book but I do like discussing these types of topics, cheers Mate!

I think if we want Hive to be more like a replacement to current social media, we're going to need some basic privacy functions like blocking, and posting between just your friends and posting publicly. You mention that common social media behaviors get flagged here and I've seen that too - if you can post just to your friend group with your hanging out, day to day stuff, then people can do that freely and only their friends see it so it doesn't get flagged. Those that want to post public blogs can set them to public. A big thing that people say when I tell them about Hive is, "I wouldn't know what to write about," because they don't want to write blog posts. And even as far as blogging goes, it doesn't have the functionality of most blog sites - you can't categorize your own blog so people can read about just the topics they're interested in and you can't even find your own old posts to reference back to. If we could make our own categories, that would be great.
These are possibly different front end ideas; which (if any) front end wants to act like social media, which (if any) wants to act like a blog site.
But yeah, I feel like we have some very well-developed niches and some wholly underdeveloped ones. I wish I was a dev so I knew how to make the features I want. :)

I see Leo implementing a lot of what I like but I blog travel content so I don't quite belong there and don't feel like faking it either for the and stick to my passion even if it limits me. A lot of the functions you speak of are similar things I would like to see as well and would be more appealing to the mainstream user. I think future front ends will allow for normal spammy (short form) social media if they find a way to contain it themselves and not on the main chain like dbuzz and such now. We are going in the right direction but we are not there in the meantime, we need something to give HIVE value quick so the price quits depreciating although I think it has found it's base from the steem/hive fork. But as it stands, it's not ready for mainstream users yet. We have to build in another way in the meantime. At some point blogging on the mainchain will become obsolete but for now it's the main function of hive platform.

I get what you are saying, I know people that write for free on facebook but always comment on how professional my posts looks but won't sign up to share their links on facebook like I do, it's literally the same amount of work so it's a mental barrier for them, we should adapt to that to our advantage. Even the chance at earning micro-tokens for liking and commenting on stuff is of no interest to anyone, even some that I know buy bitcoin. It's just too much of a learning curve in a society with a short attention span. I know a lot of people in real life as a contractor in the oil industry and I never hesitate to ask people's views on certain concepts real or hypothetical...(sometimes ops assist or waiting for permits makes for long shifts and lots of discussing time)

As far as categorizing, I think communities was a good step forward for now I don't care so much beyond that but that's just me...I don't really care what the content is about, more so is it good? is it informative? Do I want more? If I do I'll browse if I have time. Like you I wish I was a dev and could make it come to fruition because I bet it would work but I'm not that technical. But I work on mega 8billion dollar oil production projects and do see many aspects and perspectives of all walks of life, hive or the real world, business is business and no serious investor outside of the crypto world is going to come riding in on their white horse with it's current flaws, we have to come up with creative ways to get the success we are after and priority number #1 is current users and current price per token, long term vision isn't going to fix that right now in the short term, we are the white horse. Hard to do in a community led project with push and pull in every direction. We all hoped for that in steemit and we got stuck with sun until we split, careful what you wish for. Want promo? Hire banfield! fuck there was a lot of blunders here.

The keys are the hardest part but they add a lot of security and now hiveonboard gives a walkthrough about how to sign up for keychain from the beginning I think, once you get keychain working, everything is easy.

I post my #themorningbowl vlog on Facebook many times.

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The tactics is a very fabulous one and I've always known that Facebook is a place where people jump around freely from 1 posts another. Some people even have a personal account that can give them that level of audience in few hours but the only problem is that many people are becoming weary of clicking URLs that will redirect them to an unknown place.

That's exactly where your idea comes in with a lot of solution.

Just dropping the link and asking them to jump in will only make it a thrash but if it can be presented with a catchy header image and something like a snippet that will make them to feel like jumping in, l believe that it will draw alot if attention to this place.

Of course, we don't expect them to come and follow us immediately but if they see something like that repeatedly and they value the information that they are getting, it will serve as a great push for them to ask further questions in order to become a part of what is going on in Hive

Exactly 2-3 people posting great stuff in the same group sparsely with some decent commentary could really get people to notice our projects. Even just one person doing it over months could.

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And with just that, you passed a message across and promoted hive out there. What a nice and catchy way to attract the attention of your audience.

Posting the same thing to my feed or posting something with a less catchy title achieved almost nothing though, it’s really important to choose the right post and post it in the right community. I’ll be searching for a community I can post natural medicine content and testing that out soon

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That's a great idea I believe.

Sweet! One thing is to understand that the post was relevant to the group another thing is to understand that spamming unnecessaryily would not do the trick. Facebook have these mad policies but then finding the right post for the right group or discussion is key. The result seems overwhelming when do rightly. You're doing an amazing work on naturalmedicine and hive cross culture.

Thanks man, it’s a lot to balance but it’s worth it. I really wanna see Hive grow, I’ve gotten so much from the people and the self exploration that the payout is just an afterthought already.

There’s a lot of good energy for outreach but I feel like it’s not always very well strategized. I’m not the best at strategy but I keep experimenting.

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No one's best at strategy, experimentation makes us better at what we do, it's totally worth it if due process is followed and anything for the growth of hive. I believe individually we can all contribute to the growth of hive. It's a decentralised setting and there's no limitations to what we can do.

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It can be used to attract visitors by sharing posts on Facebook and it can help you continue to attract followers and shares on Facebook as users.

Very true. I don’t really feel much need to gain followers on Facebook personally, but it could be good for people who want to continue to reach more people on there

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Interesting, I try to avoid FB as much as possible myself, but I still have an account. Maybe I should put this to the test as well a few times. Need to check if I have relevant groups / communities on there first though. Worth the try :) thanks for sharing!

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Tell me the results 😃. You might have to try it a few times in a few communities to get it right

Yes, I'm assuming the same as well, especially as I'm not as connected as I used to be on FB anymore. I have an account but it's not that I'm active in all these groups anymore, so before trying, I will have to connect in a few groups as well. But will give it a go soon, and share the results :)