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RE: HiveToday - November 7th, 2020 - HiveFest5 is coming!

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I'm excited about Hivefest. Will have to see about getting a VR headset. Just about to try and buy Splinterlands plots. There may be a stampede for those.



Yes! I bet the land will sell out VERY fast.


When the time came the site crashed. It just kept refreshing for me and I had no chance to buy any. Others were lucky. I have to say this was a farce. Some big investors got the regions, but regular players had little chance. I did take part in a pool, but it did not get anything. I was only after 2 or 3 plots anyway. They have to treat the players better. There were enough plots to give everyone the option of buying a couple and then could have done the rest by lottery. There are a lot of unhappy people.

Maybe they can do a lottery system next time to make it more fair.

That would be better. It's like trying to buy concert tickets. If everyone tries to buy at once something is likely to crash.

Those who have played thousands of battles ought to deserve the chance to get some land. @aggroed is admitting it went badly on Discord. They need to learn from this for the next batch.

hard luck steev. Im sure they will improve it for the next phase. They have to look after their player base.... theyve really upset people with the way this was handled. In the past theyve been pretty good at making amends I think?

You have to hope it can be better. Pissing off the players is not a good move.