My HIVE Gaming Report - Games and Basic Strategies

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Hive has made a gamer out of me. I'm currently involved in three games. dCity, RisingStar and of course Splinterlands.

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly blog post about what I'm working on and the strategies I'm using to play each game. I've got almost 2 years experience playing Splinterlands the rest of the games I'm just learning as I go.

Where to start first?


RisingStar... I guess this is considered an RPG. You're a lowly street musician / busker working your way up the ranks to stardom. I've had a lot of fun playing this. Basically you're collecting cards and fulfilling missions. As you climb the ranks you earn Starbits which are in game currency.

Cards have different values of skill levels, luck, number of fans and IM... Not sure what IM is but I currently have 65 of them.

Screenshot 20201105 at 5.55.09 PM.png

The game just entered BETA and they had an offering of 12 packs of cards for 100000 Starbits. Basically they were giving you two free packs because they're normally 10000 Starbits a pack. They also tossed a Mozart card. I found out about the card pack promotion through a blog post @steevc wrote.

I'm not going to go through every card in my collection in this post, but here's a capture of the Mozart card I scored. You can see Mozart down there in the bottom right hand corner.

Screenshot 20201105 at 6.00.12 PM.png

Current Strategy:

If you go back up to the first picture I posted you'll see a couple power bars above the headbanger card on the left. The yellow bar is ego. From what I understand the amount of ego you have affects the amount of Starbit you earn for each mission.

Unfortunately when I bought the 12 pack deal it sent my fans through roof and when you have more fans than skill you end up with an Ego problem. So currently I'm doing 100% power missions, then with the new power generated during the missions I'm taking music lessons which help to lower my ego. I'll then finish up with some small 15% power missions until I'm close to 1 or 2% power, then power up with pizza, do another 100% mission and repeat the entire process.

I'll start sharing some images of my cards and any new cards I buy in future posts.


I think I posted a little about dCity last week. Here's where I'm at currently.

Screenshot 20201105 at 6.08.56 PM.png

This is my basic set up. I should of kept track of the amount of Hive I invested to get here but I didn't... I'm guessing maybe around 50 hive to start give or take a few.

I currently have a population of 91 generating about 60 SIM per day. Unemployment is a little above 2%. I purchased a job center and a couple immigrants after my last post. I also won a couple homeless people and the job center has already converted one homeless into a worker! YaY virtual capitalism! I'll post any new additions and why I added them each week as I grow.

Current Strategy

At this point I'm going to use this as my foundation and reinvest any SIM earnings back into the game along with a few HIVE each week till the game starts paying for itself and I have a much larger population. I'm also earning BEER and WEED through a weed farm and brewery that I purchased.

If anyone has a good strategy for this game or knows of some revenue generating cards I must have please share in the comments. I'm starting my third week of playing here and just winging it as I learn.


I'm currently stuck in Silver I this season. I have 9 days to make it into Diamond III. I haven't made it into the diamond leagues since the deck power rule change.

Screenshot 20201105 at 6.21.59 PM.png

I currently have 214 cards with a deck power of 256,385.

Screenshot 20201105 at 6.22.11 PM.png

Current Strategy

I'm trying to complete my nightly quests adding to my deck regularly. I need a deck power of 325,000 to advance into the Diamond II leagues. I'm currently focusing on building my summoners. Most of my summoners are between a level 3 and level 5. I have many newer summoners that are currently at a level 1.

I'll start posting some updates as I level up my summoners. My latest acquisition is this Delwyn Dragonscale currently at a level 3. It was a cheap summoner and I'm going to continue to build him each week. I like the idea of having a powerful dragon summoner as well because I can use some of the more powerful cards in my other Splinters that are currently limited by that Splinters summoner level. For instance if I level this up to a level 6 summoner I'll be able to use my level 6 cards in the Earth Splinter as well as the Neutral Splinter. I'll post more about this in my next week.

Delwyn Dragonscale.png

Well that's where I'm at with Hive gaming. If you have any tips or tricks for me please share them in the comments. I'm learning as I go and appreciate all the help I can get. Especially for dCity.

Thanks for reading and game on!


I also play Rising star.

A strategy that I use related with the fans be higher than skills because cards and I dont need all that fans it is put the card in the market by a high value (if i want to keep the card).

This makes the card not be counted in the fans total and when I really need the card I remove it from the market.

This way to is a litle easier to do the balance between the skills and fans of course also doing some music lessons.

I see a lot of people talk about of spiterlands but I dont know how to play it.

I may do that because I need to earn a little under 1500 skill right now. Which could take awhile.

Splinterlands is a blast. I think of the three it's probably the funnest. It takes a while to build up your deck though.

Your ego is pretty out of control. Putting some cards on the market at high prices or getting one of the storage cards will help. You will make more Starbits per mission with a lower ego. The IM is supposed to become a factor eventually. The developer has been busy making things more stable before he adds features. I have spent a bit on the game, but then I like collecting the cards.

I have a tiny dCity that is not earning much yet. I will consider spending more on that soon.

I'm up to Gold I again on Splinterlands, which is as high as I can go with my cards. I am looking to buy some land plots tomorrow to see what that does for me.

I play the games for fun, but they may pay off in the long run. I spent some of my STEEM on them when I powered down. Improving my Splinterlands summoners helped a lot.

Keep having fun!


That ego problem is out of control. I think I'm going to put that Headbanger card up for auction. That card alone has 1K fans.

I pretty much play the games for fun too. It really is nice knowing they actually have some value though and I do look at it like an extension of my HIVE dex portfolio. Although short term profitability is never a concern because I'm also receiving the entertainment value from them.

I read a post about the profitability of a successful dCity configuration and how much HIVE could be earned once you built it up. I should of bookmarked it. That peaked my interest. I'm going to try and grow that game like my Splinterlands deck. Slow and steady, maybe add a little HIVE each week until it's self sufficient.


I bought a storage card so I can move cards in and out as my ego changes. It is rarely over 4% anyway. I got the Chopper and another tour bus today that required doing more lessons.

Not sure what's a good strategy for dCity, but I expect there are plenty of posts about it.

I see a few people have put up $7500 to buy Splinterlands regions, but some may be pools of users trying to get a discount. That's some serious money and we don't know what real value they will have yet. Buying more HIVE feels like a safer option for me, but then I'm no gambler.


I need to look into one of those storage cards.

I found a few dCity posts that were pretty good. Most of them just seem to cover the basic and not so much on strategy. One of the reasons I thought this might make a fun weekly.

I'm wondering about these land purchases too. I think there's going to be some benefit to mineral rights or something. IDK, it's a little out there for me. I read a little about it. The game is growing though, and they may have some sort of future growth plan too. Maybe interactive VR space or something. I'm watching carefully.

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I'm still trying to figure out DCity myself; I threw old Litecoins into it ... it seem likes getting over 800 SIM / day is a way to compound earnings, but I've not been playing it very long. I like it though

800 SIM a day would be pretty cool. You could definitely start building something pretty great if you kept reinvesting into the game. I've heard a few people are making some great residual HIVE income with their cities.

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