Holy Bread is Tasty!

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Give us this day our daily bread...

I mean, it would be nice if it was just given to you with no effort required, but the best bread must be worked for.

We are a baby girl! 18.png

That's right. I've been playing HOLY BREAD, the newest game on the STEEM blockchain. It's cute and simple, and it requires strong strategic play to stay competitive.

Holy Bread is absolutely free to play if you have a STEEM account and totally enjoyable at the free level, but for a one-time expense of $10, you can have a premium account.

Then you can call yourself a proud supporter of yet another brilliant and innovative STEEM game!


This game was released less than two weeks ago and it already has more than 1200 active accounts. I was delighted that Holy Bread was released in a more-or-less complete form right from the beginning. It was ridiculously fun getting to know the game, and rising to the number one rank on the first day before everyone else figured it out.


How it Works

You've got heroes. Your heroes can go up in level with experience and equip items to increase their personal stats. The experience is earned through the completion of Quests that take either 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Quests are a necessity, as they are the only way to earn Gold. Gold is my favorite currency of the game; with it, you can buy items in the Item Store or increase the stats of your warriors point by point.


Bread In, Breadcrumbs Out

With Bread, the important in-game currency of Holy Bread, you can instantly renew the timer on your Quest or Battle, allowing you to do multiple quests or battles in a row. Bread is the currency that you can buy for STEEM.

It would also behoove you to battle every fifteen minutes. In the every fifteen minute payout from the battle rankings, Breadcrumbs are awarded based on rank. This is the only way to earn breadcrumbs, which are a tradable token on Steem-Engine.

The battles are easy; you can just jump right in. There is no penalty for losing, but if you win, temporary glory could be yours.


Check the Market

The Holy Bread market is pretty handy for getting rid of some of your unwanted items, but you can also find great deals from time to time. Just yesterday I picked up an Epic weapon (usually $5-$15 value) for fifty cents!

It looks to me like the most effective way to make a little bit of money in this game (so you can buy more Splinterlands cards of course) is to find the Epic items! Find 'em, sell 'em, then repeat the process! But to pull that off, you need to play the game!

So Go Get Your Daily Bread!


If you haven't played yet, sign up HERE!

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Hi @chrisroberts

I've noticed that we're both playing holybread. Im on my way to get you! :) (I play as @project.hope)

Hope you're enjoying playing holybread. I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)

What's your impression so far?


I love the game so far! I really like how dynamic the ratings are. Every night I drop from about 100th to 270th, and I have to gain my ground back through my daily battles.

I'll be Hodling those Breadcrumbs for when they add the next sink :)
Thanks for stopping by!

It's me again @chrisroberts

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr


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Looks really cool, it's awesome to see another game on the blockchain it only I could find time to play another one lol!! Best of luck to you, upped 💯 and resteemed! 👌👍

It hardly takes any time :) I think you'd like it!
But I know what you mean. With Splinterlands, I had to stop playing the daily quests on Carrie's account and MonsterSpirit; turns out battling on 3 accounts was taking up too much of my "free" time. lol
Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

Quite a few people are nattering about this game. Looks pretty cool.

Quite a few people
Are nattering about this
Game. Looks pretty cool.

                 - jaynie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It is pretty fun so far. It requires very little investment and maintenance; it's really easy to do while I'm doing other things.

And congratulations on the inadvertent haiku :D

hahaha thanks :D

I am a poet and I didn't even know it! LOL

I have been playing but never upgraded my account to premium.. I saw this post and went to the market to find some cheap epic cards and bought them.. I found some decent ones at an alright price, not quite as cheap as you, but either way I have been lovin the game! :0)

I haven't seen any items as cheap as the one I was referring to. It was 0.55 I believe. There are some of the weaker Epic items now listed for around $2, but now I'm looking for more specific things.

I haven't successfully sold anything on the market yet, so I'm not really considering day trading in items... yet. Mostly I'm just trying to grab the items I need to secure my ranking.

I also love the game so far. There's just something about it that's really appealing. High hopes for the future. They really have good timing too, with the crypto recovery somewhere over the horizon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Yeah, that is hella cheap! I have picked up a few decent ones now between 1-2 dollars which isnt terrible. Everything I spent on items and characters was earned the first round of this game when they paid out the prize pool on sunday so I haven't technically spent any of my own money on this game yet. But I am pretty addicted and enjoying the game a lot so I will probably spend the money to upgrade my account and just consider it an investment.

I am pretty excited to see where this game is a year from now, hopefully it takes of like splinterlands did ;)

Take care friend

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excited for this new game, thanks for sharing

I agree. I have enjoyed the game so far, with very little demand on time.
Simple entertainment is nice sometimes.
Holding my breadcrumbs now too.
As last withdraw, I have no idea where it went.