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RE: Hello Steemit You Bold, Beautiful and Sexy Beast!


You had me at 'bold, beautiful, sexy beast.

Wait... you weren't talking directly to me?
Fine. Whatever. Fine. No. It's fine...


Welcome! After reading your post, this seems long overdue!

Also, question: you are young compared to what exactly? 👀

And yes, you have to be right about the Tron-Steem thing. It's the only way. 😎

Do join us in Discord if you fancy that sort of thing and feel free to tag me with questions.

Have fun!
Minnow Support Project upvote purple.png
If you are familiar with DISCORD come join us there! 😍
Minnow Support Project PALnet Discord


Hi @carrieallen I think you've taken the crown for the most welcoming welcome message I've received since joining up so thank you for that. Feel free to claim those words as being directed at you, obviously had I known you before now it goes without saying the words in the title of this post are speaking about you too! Thank you also for informing me about PALnet, I have just joined so I look forward to bumping into you at some stage.

Woohoo! I just pimped your post in "Meme the News" on Hopefully, you'll get a few more eyes on ya.

We hang out (are lonely together?) in the PalDiscord #mspwaves-audience while Aggroed tells us about weird things in the news.

There are other shows, of course! (Including my own 😉) And we have a brand new website showing all the things!

That's very kind of you thanks for doing that. Looking forward to attending a show and jumping into the chat some time, I will check the schedules. I think its @aggroed I have to thank for my post value jumping up by $1.50 just now, which might be to do with your efforts again so thank you to both of you.