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If you remember some moons ago, i told you that i entered the binance market with some powered down steem, intent on making profit from buying and selling other crypto coins. Well it was a successful run in a way. My plan was to raise 1000 steem with which i can make a goodly amount every week. I would then supplement that with what i make from my scribbles and make some positive changes to my financial situation. This was not to be though as the prices went haywire on me, my device went bad and i, not being conversant with the binance market on desktop, decided to close shop and return back home.

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I have made a profit of about half my capital and that is not so bad for one who knew next to nothing about crypto or trading a year and some months ago. Having such an amount in my wallet is worrisome. There are so many things vying for my attention but i know that i need to invest the steem on something before i find reasons to spend it. The problem now, is i don't know what sort of investment i can make that would be profitable. I am not a business oriented person. In fact, i am the worst person to bring in on a business as i easily distracted and have a short attention span. What i want now is investment advice.

Now i know that what i have in my wallet is not much. It is about $31 give or take but it is mine. I did not steal it and i cherish each and every manner with which i made it. I have some investment ideas for the aforementioned steem but i do not trust my judgment when it comes to money. I need, no, i beg for more business savvy heads to come and help me out here. The ideas i have at present revolve around projects owned and or supported by @aggroed i.e. steemmonsters and steem engine based tokens.

I am a regular player of the steemmonsters game and i have written a thing or two about this. I win a card and some DEC after finishing a quest and this adds up to my deck. I also win extra cards when a season comes to an end. Now these cards are worth something but i have not arrived at that point in my game to either sell spare cards, burn them for DEC or rent them out. I feel that i lack great cards and i believe strongly that the steemmonsters game is going places.

What i want to do is to invest some of my hard earned steem on my steemmonsters deck so that i can have the wherewithal to win more cards and stronger one at that. I do not really seek to be at the top of the league, i just want to gather as many cards as i can in the same manner as i gathered steem power. To do this, i have thought of buying portions. This evening i exchanged 8 steem for some DEC which i sent to my steemmonsters account. With that DEC i have successfully bought some potions that would ensure that instead of getting one card at the end of every quest, i will get two.

I don't know if this is a worthy exchange, only time will tell but what do i know, right? I have also considered buying some of the tokens being traded on the steem engine exchange but i do not know the tokens that i can rely on to give me good returns. Some of the tokens have great projects behind them but that does not guarantee that they would do well. I don't want to spend money on a token that i later find i cannot sell. The truth is i do not know how these things work. I am just working with my instincts and i do not even trust it.

Before i waste this little token in my wallet, i seek your advice now. How do i invest 130 steem on the steem chain? What options would you suggest? I really need to know. If you cannot, do you know anyone who can assist me? I am first and foremost a writer not a financial analyst. Please help me make the right decision.

Meanwhile i am writing my stories and sharing my poems.I am staking and delegating my steem power but this is no longer enough. There are new opportunities around now, i need to avail myself of them and learn one or two things along the way.

warpedpoetic, 2019


Perhaps @mattclarke has some ideas

Oh thanks, i will contact him.

He is a good bloke. Not sure if he will give direct advice.

I would say, stick to the things that make you excited.

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