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With great delay I start to report how much money I was able to generate so far in the cryptogame sector. I actually wanted to blog a lot more, but since I was unfortunately not able to do so for the most part the last few weeks due to health reasons, I'm now starting to report how it went for me from March - May. 🙂

In March I started to play Splinterlands. I quickly realized that you can hardly get ahead without investing money. Even with a lot of playing a day, you hardly progressed. Quickly I had invested about 50 dollars, which I had invested in cryptocurrencies a long time ago. With the 50 dollars, I was able to buy a few good starter cards. Whereas I'm sorry to say that I had invested most of the money in packs, hoping to pull something good. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the money was thrown out the window.

Today I have invested about 250 dollars, of which I have used about 70 dollars purely for Untamed Pack. I was lucky enough to draw 2 Legendaries, but unfortunately they were only worth about 8 dollars together. The rest was trivial. So I can say that I have invested about 180$ smart" dollars in Splinterlands so far. Last night, my collection on Peakmonsters was just under 600$ worth. So how did I manage to more than double my investment in that time?


I had of course followed the usual tips to earn Dec in Splinterlands but it was all too slow for me. So I thought back to my childhood, how I used to trade Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards in the schoolyard for more and more valuable cards. And I did the same thing here.

I made over 90% of the dec I earned buying cards on the market and later selling them back at a higher price. Sometimes I used the cards myself for a while, waited for the prices to rise, and then sold them again. So I always tried to take advantage of the volatility of the market. I have limited myself to trading only single BCX Legends and constantly keep an eye on the prices to strike at the right moment and then later sell them again.


I have always tried to use about 50k-60k dec liquid for trading and everything that went above that I invested in new cards.

Of course I was also able to blog a bit. Here's an overview of what I've been able to do well on various tokens so far.

All in all just under 10 dollars worth. Not much but still.


Let's see what the next months will bring.

Have a nice day! 🙂


U have really try going further to earn more... This is great

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Last month I received a golden legendary one, anything can happen at any moment.