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Daily Quote ''You never know you are in a bubble until it pops.''

(Andrew Revkin)

Splinterlands seems to go into the right direction, and most probably the lands with rejuvenate the market. This is in case you can sell what you got from the lands. I am not sure about this, please correct me if you know better.

The latest changes in Leo are more than welcome, and i can see the potential of this coin better and better every new week. I am pondering over the advantages of letting leo-voter to do the curration for me. I am still learning about.

Anyone can tell me, Torum token XTM, what blockchain does this one use?

Bitcoin was setting new records, going strongly over 40k, but Ethereum was the main star, going slightly over 1400. Even on Google searches for Ethereum are all time high, in most of the countries, including some exotic destinations like Kosovo, Slovenia, Romania, Nigeria and China.

Ripple is under scrutiny, this time their own supporters seems to be the ones having the questions, as it seems Ripple tried to settle with SEC before the lawsuit was made public, only to be drastically denied the chance.

Double rainbows in Korea. A law was voted to pay tax for cryptocurrency profits, and it was settled at 20%. But it will take effect in 2023, so, whatever you get in the next 2 years is still good to go.

Many were expecting the fall of this bull run, and there it is. Bitcoin is now 35K, Ethereum $1113, pretty much exactly as Gavin Smith warned 3 days ago, when he said that potentially 10 k could be wiped out of its value. But will it stop here? Is this market manipulation, in order for the whales to get one more load before shooting to the Moon? We will see.

And yeah, Elon Musk is officially richer than Jeff Bezos after the latest Tesla share surge, and now, being the richest person on the chess board, Elon even had some time to stay on twitter and talk about Doge and Bitcoin. And in his latest tweet he was suggesting Twitter replacements, on twitter. How cool is that?

Keep strong and hold through the storm (a minor storm, but a storm nevertheless)