Stability on the DEC market

in #leofinance5 months ago


It will be great to trade DEC on the "Blocktrade us" exchange. Although Hive-engine is offering a functional operating trade with Hive, the process is way complicated when you have LTC or BTC.

The prices of one DEC was kept in the range of 0.0025 and 0.0018 Hive for the whole month of August. The stability on this market is the sign of consolidation. The game players might have spent significant numbers of DEC tokens on the Splinterlands instead of selling to Hive. It is also important to consider the accounts that hold and accumulate DEC token for long period of time.



As we reach the higher league on Splinterlands, it becomes necessary to customise our pack of cards. The option to open purchase pack of cards is not really helpful in our situation.

Hive-engine is my favourite exchange to buy DEC. The market is not showing too much of volatility when pairing the Hive and DEC.

The season on the session has reached half of its course. All players have multiple chances to rank up depends on the league they are qualified on the game.

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