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BTC Betting Results October 2019 (SBC League)

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Thanks @buggedout!

Despite some of the fundamental flaws in the entire crypto reward blogging formula, I actually do enjoy having a blog as it really helps to keep me in a certain consistent flow. In that regard, it's quite easy for me to keep it up as it all gives plenty of benefits aside from any of the actual post-earnings.

I strongly believe if communities are ever going to work it will have to be done in a way that keeps them very specified and small (max ~100 members) (For example Australian Sports). Right now, all real community activities are on Discord. The only way I see Steemit working is if the reward pool is replaced by a proof of stake algorithm with a tipping system.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see where it all goes :)

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I am a bit wary of Tribes / Communities / SMTs that might just end up walling off communities and building some little insular silos - as that would kill off any cross-pollination between the communities. I for one like to have a toe in a few communities at the same time using the one platform.

However, it is possible that an SMT could be good for SBC to create and control it's own reward system. SMTs are getting closer but I'd still be surprised if they hit production in the next 12 months.