'Life Magic' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands! Another Writing/Mixing Practice Session in Logic! Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So this began as another

random practice session in Logic, with an orchestral, sort of medieval adventure game vibe (hence the inspired by Splinterlands part), but I really think there are some cool ideas here, so I'm going back to it tonight and I'm gonna try and iron out some of the kinks. The choir sections get super muddied up, especially with the low cellos, so I need to fix that so the low, bassy drums come through more, and I need some cymbal hits throughout, as there is a little odd-meter change that happens which gets a bit lost, due to the lack of clear accents. But, the ideas are there, and that's the hard part, so definitely check back soon and see where this tune goes!

Listen to Life Magic here.

I started with Tracks 1 and 2,

which are both choirs; Track 1 uses a 'World' choir, the 'African Singers', and Track 2 the 'Church Ensemble'. Tracks 3 and 4 are the strings, with 3 providing the low-end, technically only in the cello range I suppose, and Track 4 the higher end stuff. Track 5 is only used as a little transition between parts, and is a 'Chinese Xiao Flute', which has a bit of an ocarina sort of vibe. Track 6 is the harp, which definitely plays a big role, and also needs to be boosted a bit to get some more clairty. Track 7 is our drums, which, as I mentioned above, get a little lost, and don't really clearly define the meter enough yet. Track 8 is some trombones, which will have much more of an impact when everything is mixed better, and finally, we have Tracks 9 and 10, a Persian Erhu (bowed string instrument sort of sound), and a Flute, which harmonizes with the trombones.

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Track 3, Cellos.
Listen to Life Magic here.

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Track 6, Harp.

I absolutely will be working on this more. My knowledge of Logic is still so limited, but these songs are helping me to pick things up, so slowly but surely the mixes themselves will improve as I get more used to this DAW. Don't worry, Ableton hasn't disappeared, and will be back soon enough I'm sure! Thanks for listening!

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