'Mechanical Dragonoids' - New Original Music - Trying to Create a New Idea, Inspired by Splinterlands' Robo-Dragon Knight - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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It's been a while since I tried to write

Track 3, Additional Harmonies
something inspired by Splinterlands, so here's the very beginnings of an idea. I wanted to use the new reward card, the Robo-Dragon Knight, as inspiration, so I imagined something digital/electronic, but maybe with a medieval/epic adventure sort of harmonic structure. This is FAR from finished, and I think it maybe went a little too far in the electronic direction, so I definitely want to try and cut back on that a bit, and try and incorporate some of the BBC Symphony Orchestra instruments, but maybe effect them so they are recognizable, but clearly not 'normal', which may create the medieval/technomancy sort of vibe that I imagine for this card. So far, there are only 6 tracks, 3 of which wind up playing the same progression, which is pictured below. I also included the names over each chord, so instead of just listing them here in a paragraph, they'll (hopefully) be more easily understood and heard in the song.

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Tracks 1, 2 and 4, Chords

Listen to Mechanical Dragonoids here...

I think for an A part, the chords thus far will definitely work.

Track 6, Bass
We begin on an Aminor, but drop down a minor 3rd to an F#min 2x, which is definitely dark, and sort of epic (not medieval, but I imagine a B part may handle that). After the F#min the second time around, we go to its Vi chord, Dmaj (7 in this case), then to the Vi of Amin, F, before repeating. The move from the D to F actually wound up much cooler than intended, it's also a minor 3rd, but up this time, which I think keeps a sort of cohesion to the section, though it's very non-diatonic. Track 3 is another synth sound, which just adds another layer of harmonies, which, generally, I think work, though I may try and use different sounds for this section. Track 5 was another synth, which I then reversed (for each chord), to get that end of bar swell sound. This may stay, though I imagine more layers making it more a part of the backdrop. Finally, we have Track 6 right now, which is a bass synth. This definitely doesn't fit with what I envisioned early on; it's far too obviously rhythmic, and I think the other tracks have a spaciness to them I'd like to embrace.

This is nowhere near finished, so I'll definitely keep working tonight and tomorrow and see where it can go! Ideally, there will be less repetition and droning on this same progression, and hopefully more of the medieval/epic vibe intermixed to make it worthy of the Robo-Dragon Knight!

Check out my new E.P. numerical here.

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Fantastic effort and result. Great theme music for the Robo-Knight. And incredibly detailed process. Full upvote from us for this amazing work.



Thanks! I really appreciate the support!