'Presence of a Shadow' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands - Expanding the Idea from Yesterday - Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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The idea from yesterday wound up

Track 17, Beginning of Each Section, Fill
becoming something REALLY cool as I added more tracks, and this is the result (at least so far). There are definitely some things I noticed after a few listens that need fixin', including volume levels on some of the new drums, and on some of the glitchy weirdness, but, overall, this is definitely becoming a solid tune! As you can see in the overview screenshot above, the song is MUCH longer, which really allowed things to build up and then slowly disappear as each track fades out. There are also many more tracks, some of which now provide full sections, and others little fills and accents. I didn't really edit any of the tracks that were there yesterday, though I did drop the kick levels down a bit, and added some sidechain compression on Track 1 so the kick would be a little more obvious, even at a lower volume.

Screen Shot 20201009 at 9.45.04 PM.png

Listen to Presence of a Shadow here...

There are a number of tracks which I think really helped to

Track 20 Dyads, Buzzy Synth
bring this song to the next level. Tracks 11 and 12 add some new percussion, providing an interesting sound effect at the beginning of each section, and some 'snares', which aren't particularly snare-like, but do nicely at filling in some gaps. The radar blip sound is from Track 12, and is one of the tracks that needs to be dropped in volume a bit, as it is a super specific frequency, and just cuts through everything. The last few tracks were really important too, since they add some more layers of harmony, and some melody lines. Track 18 is an audio clip taken from a midi synth line, which I then reversed, which really works well and fills in gaps between those noisey glitch sections. Track 19 uses LABS choir, which is pretty quiet, but slowly swells over the course of 16 bars, and adds a nice texture to the end of the heavy part. Finally, we have Track 20, which plays the Dyads pictured to the left, using a very '80s sounding synth, which I think I'll probably double in length, so it comes in earlier and continues through to the end.

Hope you like the changes so far! I'll update tomorrow with whatever fixes I do tonight! Thanks for listening!

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