'Under the Splintered Skies' - New Original Music - Beginnings of an Idea, Inspired by Splinterlands - Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I hadn't written anything that

Track 3, Light Blue Section
was inspired by Splinterlands in a long while, so I decided to at least try and get some basic ideas out last night, and see if I like any of them, then roll from there. I used a couple of the Orchestral instruments from the Equator library (included with my ROLI Seaboard) and from LABS, but they aren't super customizable, so I'll probably wind up changing them. As of tomorrow, I'll have access to Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover, which is normal $49, but if you take a little survey on their site, you can get it for free! They just have a 2 week waiting period between the survey and when you can access the instruments, which for me, expires tomorrow! So in future versions of whatever this idea becomes, those will absolutely be making appearances!

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Listen to Under the Splintered Skies here...

I have four instruments here, 3 of which uses instruments

Track 4, Blue Section, String Ens. Pizz.
that are sort of combos, using strings and horns. Depending on the velocity, these different sounds are accented or pulled back. Track 1 also seems to have a sort of choir which is more obvious at low velocities. Track 2 is more obviously a horn track, and just accents certain chord moves. The attack on these two tracks were quite different, so I had to be careful what I did with them. I have a feeling they both will be replaced with new BBC Orchestra sounds. Track 3 uses the LABS Choir, which again, is a bit difficult to control. If this appears later, it'll be for background ambience. Track 4 is the last track, which is a LABS Pizzicato String Ensemble. These are VERY much on the beat, which doesn't work as well with the more floaty stuff. I left it in just cause I think I could find a way to improve it in the future.

The song is divided into 3

main parts, which can be seen in Track 1: Yellow, Teal and Green... I know, I need to use primary colors, because having green and teal is a bit confusing, haha. I like all of these parts, but they really need better transitions, so I am hoping with access to the BBC Orchestra I'll be able to accomplish that a bit better than with what I am currently using. There is also quite a good selection of percussion in that pack, so I'm excited to utilize those.

Hope you like the idea so far! I'll update as it evolves into something more complete!

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