#MyNoLiferGoals! Because intervention didn't work!

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Hello NoLifers!

It seems this will be a weekend full of goals! lol
Let's hope I don't get overwhelmed!

As you can see, I even come up with goals for my nolife addiction!
I will be more focused on three awesome games, plus another that will come soon. Shout out to @slowsundaygames for keeping my gaming addiction alive with another game! Can't wait for Unsung Hero!

So I either create a full post about them or maybe add a fancy table at the end of a gaming post, will depend of my mood lol

Here are #MyNoLiferGoals for this year:

Rising Star


Can't recall when did I start to play the game but I know it takes a bit of patience to get to a certain level and see the Starbits flowing! I actually made a walkthrough a few weeks ago about it that you can check it out: https://peakd.com/hive-181335/@elianaicgomes/bqjngpxz
It always scares me everytime the drunk guy starts to burp LOL but it is a good call to activate the next mission!

My goal for the game is reaching lvl 100!
At the moment I'm lvl 63!


Easy peasy!



With my motivation a bit pumped for this game while reaching Silver III last year (lol), I will try to keep up and build my Power so I can reach my goal to Silver I!


So Power at the moment is on 15905, my goal is to reach 70000 Power!

This one will be tricky but still have the whole year in front of me!



This one is my recent addiction! Now that I understand a little thanks to other NoLifers like me on this game and, of course, our Sensei, @kevinli, I want to reach the top 400 with them!
This is my city at the moment:


Some days ago my goal was to reach +1000 SIM income, but as you can see it's not that far lol so I will change it to +8000 SIM for this year!


(all gifs are from https://giphy.com/)

Sorry Barney! It seems this doesn't work at all!

What are your NoLifer goals?
You can be a NoLifer too and use the hashtag ;)

Happy Saturday!

CTP BP footer.png



i started playing rising start too. My goal is to spend more time playing this game.

That's awesome! It is a cool game to play! Especially you just need to set up a mission and go to your lifes lol At the begining the missions are short but after a while you will have 1h missions and so on! Plus I love music :)
All the best for your gaming!

Nice goals.. I am going to stack 1 million Starbits in risingstar and will see how to grow my Dcity.

Oh my that's amazing! I'm such a spender in Starbits lolol will try that one day 😋
Thank you for your comment!


Guess all the drunks at the concert drank all the Beer BURP 🤣🤣
Thank you!

My goal is to play more games with my grandchildren.

That is the best goal ever! My little monkey loves to play with his grandparents! Even my parents play through webcam with him lol Spending time with our little ones is a goal that doesn't need to be written down. I stop everything for him :)
Thank you for your comment!

Screenshot 2021-01-03 09.28.54.png

This is different from the hack & slash or puzzle games I play. But worth taking a look at.

Those are great but how about games that can reward you with crypto? Double win!
Thank you for your comment!

Good luck with your goals, I hope you will achieve these achievements soon :)

Obrigado 😁
I will do my best!

The addiction is real!

Pretty cool blockchain we've got here, to be able to 'play games' and get rewarded for doing so.

Sounds like the perfect match for me!!

OK, Eliana...After getting pulled in by Splinterlands, dCity, Cryptobrewmaster, and Holybread, I have tried to stay away from Rising Star, but I think I'm going to have to check it out. Hello NoLife!

Ahahaha sorry!
Fact about Rising Star - at lvl 50 you can place a text ad and use Starbits as credits. CTP BP is alreayd around!
Welcome to the NoLife!

Also having 1000 Education to have maximum chance of tech discovery is a good goal. You can also add it on roadmap.

Good luck

Oh, right! Good to know! I will keep that in mind! Still a work in learning process 😁
Thank you!!

Yay! 🤗
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Smashing it! Make the goal 8000 sim. That way u can buy a 10 pack of cards everyday :) Best of luck, can't wait for unsung hero.

Lol guess it's challenge accepted! I'll edit the post ahaha
With your guidance Sensei I believe I can make it :)

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...