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Hey earthlings, greetings from this side of the universe.

Better late than never, after so much time I find myself exploring the surroundings of my main planet looking for signs of intelligent life, new planets to conquer to expand my empire.


My Fleet

At the moment I have a fleet of 26 corvette crocus and only one explorer, the next step is to upgrade the ability of mission control to perform several explorations at the same time. While continuing with the manufacture of corvettes in the background.

My Buildings

My modest production falls short of my requirements, the coal mine is operating at level 15, the ore and copper mines are at level 16 and the uranium mine at level 17. The coal and uranium stores are at level 13 while the ore and copper stores are at level 14.

As expected uranium is one of the most needed resources so the priority is to improve the skills and mines of this fuel.


All the images used in this post belong to the game NextColony, a spatial simulation game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.

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