Official Splinterlands fan art created by @astrocreator! Splinterchampion is an official Splinterlands account created for selected Art Contest Winner’s NFTs… ABOUT ASTROCREATOR: I am Astrocreator, creative by passion and by profession, in constant struggle with my hair that has a life of its own. With my art I love to experiment, using many different styles. I love creativity and good food, especially the chocolate cakes that my wife prepares for me, and which regularly prevents me (unnecessarily) from eating.
I wanted to draw the character called Pyromaniac with my style, to make this work I didn't use any kind of reference, I let my imagination create what it wanted. The character in question is obviously a crazy and aggressive arsonist, analyzing the original drawing I could guess some things, the subject is covered in bandages, he is probably so crazy as to be a danger even to himself, these bandages are proof that he fails to contain its firepower.
Collection: Splinterchampions
Total Edition(s): 50
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splinterchampion 4 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 5 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 6 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 7 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 8 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 9 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 10 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
abrockman 3 Private 45000 SPT ($0.000)
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