Elemental Secrets

The great Elemental Secrets of the Splinterlands have been placed deep inside the Codex and brought forth through many avenues. If you'd like to learn about the elements and secrets of the world it's best to spend your time studying, learning, watching, and practicing. You too will become one of the greats!
Collection: Splinterlands Collectibles
Total Edition(s): 1000
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dynamicrypto 982 Private 10000 SPT ($0.000)
dynamicrypto 911 Private 10000 SPT ($0.000)
dynamicrypto 990 Private 12500 SPT ($0.000)
shylanix 995 Private 12500 SPT ($0.000)
logturp 994 Private 17000 SPT ($0.000)
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@dynamicrypto bought edition #911 from @monkeydlai for 13500.000 SPT
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@dynamicrypto bought edition #982 from @sithis for 7500.000 SPT
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@dynamicrypto bought edition #990 from @apy for 6999.000 SPT
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@druidsblood bought edition #954 from @cemke for 6666.000 SPT
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@mastergerund bought edition #958 from @mcgilli for 9999.000 SPT
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@splinterlands tokenized 1000 editions
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