Nice season rewards after long

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  • Rusty Android
    A pretty ordinary card but helps when you know that your opponent is using magic attack a lot. I think this card is a bit under powered. It should either have lower mana points or have more abilities.

  • Highland Archer
    Again an ordinary card. This helps when you have the game type as 'Only monsters with less than 4 mana points' or 'Monsters lose all abilities'

  • Divine Sorceress
    I don't know much about this card but looks very fancy. It has low mana, it has magic attack, dont know what divine shield means.

  • Daria dragonscale
    One of the very rare scenario where I have received a summoner. Never ever got a summoner before. Would love to have more summoners.

  • Silvershield Archers
    Another ordinary card but can be used in low mana battles and when monsters lose all abilities. Snipe ability helps take down the Creeping Ooze early.

  • Wood Nymph
    I always loved this monster. Heals my tank mele attack monsters and its magic attack is a bonus.

  • Highland Archer
    A gold card is always welcome. No matter which it is.

What do you guys think about this reward set. I am pretty happy with what I got.

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Wood Nymph help's alot in earth team