Destined Scales ~ Selenias Story: Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 28

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This is my entry for the Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 28 contest. Not wanting to encroach too much on the Splinterlands lore, I decided to take a step back in time and write a short story about the young Selenia Sky, and how she met her dragon.

I hope you enjoy!

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Destined Scales ~ Selenias Story

She stood quietly on the furthest point of the castle walls, as if standing on the edge of her mind and the boundaries of her childhood. She looked over her shoulder one last time to make sure that no one has followed her, then she knelt down dropping one leg over the ledge of the wall as she grabbed on to the thick base stems of the creeping overgrowth, and started to climb down.

Sneaking past the guards were easy if you knew where they were, she had done this so many times before, she smiled in defiance as she jumped the few last feet to the ground, but that smile faded into a momentary frown as she tore her dress in the process: “Not again” she quietly said to herself, “not much of a lady, now am I?”

There was an untamed excitement boiling over inside of her as she made her way to the forest, which to her was an unexplored world of wonder, and more so freedom.

She was short of breath by the time she reached the waterfall, and decided to sit down on a rock beside the mauling water stream that it fed into, she cupped her hands and scooped up mouthfuls of the icy water to quench her thirst, then splashed some of the icy liquid on her face.

She did not want to linger too long, there was still so much to see and explore. She pushed herself up to her feet and started moving again, she had wondered these woods so many times before but the beauty of the views and sounds always left her in absolute awe.

She had always been inexplicably drawn to the forest, but today felt different, today it felt like there was a sense of urgency in her escape, as if something or someone was calling her and she simply could not shake the feeling.

Then she stumbled onto a narrow pathway, one that she had not seen before, it was overgrown and untravelled, but she managed to manoeuvre her way through the thorny shrubs, ivy and spider-webs that stood in her way. “I wonder where this leads” she thought to herself. Finally she reached the end of the pathway; “uuurgggg, its a dead end” she moaned out load, as she faced a vertical cliff face covered in a herbaceous curtain. But then just as she stated to turn around to make her way back, a sudden gust of wind lifted the skirt of the overhanging plants.

She gasped in excitement “I knew it – I knew there was something here

What Selenia had stumbled across was in fact a hidden cave entrance.

The entrance point was quite small, but once inside the mouth of the cave extended into oversized hallways with large cavities proceeding from them.

The little light that seeped into the opening of the cave was barely enough to guide her through the first ten steps, thereafter she eased her hand towards the sides of the cave. The feel of her fingertips sliding over the rocky moist cave wall somehow made her feel invigorated and she knew that she was getting close, she just wasn’t sure to what.

In the distance, she saw the feint sparkle of a fire that seemed to grow in size as she got closer. Only when she reached the edges of the cavern in which the fire was burning could she completely grasp its immense size, and it astounded her that a fire as large as this only illuminated the cavern dimly, and strangest of all, it did not radiate excessive heat as it burned continually and fuellessly suspended above the floor.

”What is this?” she softly whispered.

Then she saw him, he was curled up on the opposite side of the hearth. She slowly took one step closer, then another, her hear was pounding in her throat.

Then a calm droning voice echoed from his direction: “I have been waiting for you, come closer girl.”

She slowly walked towards him, memorised by his sheer size and the flickering flames reflecting in his calm eyes. In a soft stutter she whispered “wh.... who a... are you?”

“I am Drakos Abraxus” he replied “And you are Serenia Sky”

“So you are a Dra...”she started

“Yes I am a Dragon” he finished, “And I have journeyed from the Splinterlands, a realm far from the lands of men, in search of the one who will fulfil the prophecy, I have come here to find YOU” he added.

She wanted to turn and run, but something deep inside her was urging her to stay. She placed her hands on the scales of his cheeks and allowed herself to lean forward until her head rested against his. And suddenly she was overwhelmed by a sense of peace, and understanding.

This was the first time in her life that she had felt whole, and she knew that there was an unspoken bond between the two of them, she knew that he was her destiny, and she his.

And even though she did not understand how or why, she knew that her fate was intertwined with his.

She took a deep breath, then said “I am ready”...

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Wow! Very nice story!
Now, I have to wait for the next post!!

This writing skill is awesome, it does stir the imagination.


Aw that is an amazing compliment!! I am really glad that you enjoyed it

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Very nice! Best of luck to you! upped and resteemed. 👍❤💁