When The Gates Of The Splinterlands Are Left Open

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Could you possibly imagine if some Steem Monsters managed to escape the Splinterlands, and wonder off into the world of men?

When I first started playing Steem Monsters, one of the first cards that managed to find its way to me was, the fire beetle, in fact, if I recall correctly, I won the card in a contest, and in order to claim it, I ha to buy a booster pack, and that was how my Splinterlands journey started, and I have not looked back since!


But on one of my recent excursions on the farm, I came across a very familiar looking critter just outside my door, and I couldn't help but wonder if this would be what the fire beetle would look like in a reality beyond the borders of the Splinterland gates.

I mean just look at his spikes on his collar, the huge soul piercing eyes and the oversized mandibles, all combined with that 'ready to strike at any moment' pose!


Yes I know - Highly unlikely; but you have to admit that it holds an extreme resemblance!

This little creature is in fact the Giant African Longhorn Beetle.

Cerambycidae or Longhorn beetles also known as longicorns, are generally nocturnal and this one certainly lives up to his name as a Giant African Longhorn Beetle, the name really does say it all, with this one measuring about 9 cetimeters.

And I will have you know that they are certainly not something you want to mess with, given the size of those mandibles, I assure you that they can give a powerful bite, and it would not take much effort from their side to break through the skin.


And Boy - can they be aggressive at that.

I tipped this one over temporarily, just to give you a better look at the bottom of the beetle, and I can tell you it was not happy, when I turned it back over again he(and yes this is a male) was reasonably provoked and he put up one hell of a show..

He spread his wings out, and started snapping his pinchers at me, while making his way in my direction. I have to admit that it was quite intimidating, even for a little guy like him - so that was pretty much where I decided to stop taking photos and get out of his way.


No Beetles Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post!


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@tipu curate

Thank you ever so much - I appreciate that

haha I thought your photo was for the little guy at the top, then I scrolled down... !!! lol

I am still convinced that it is one and the same bug LOL