Keeping track...Steemmonster Decks and Herons

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I like numbers...

I am not the best at keeping track of paperwork but I do like making spreadsheets.

So lately I made a sheet to keep track of my BTC investments and I let the maths tell me to buy or sell.
If you want to read how you can read more in the following 2 posts

So now I have made another sheet to keep track of my Steemmonsters investments.

I have the good fortune to have enough cards to be able to create 2 Silver (low gold) lvl decks and those I am leasing out through the herons service from @otterworks (by @tcpolymath) on top of the own account I am playing.
The 2 players (@gxngster and @lexvnzuela19) are doing great and are really getting a good amount of DEC for them and for me. I decided to split the rewards 50/50 and that seems to be working so far.

I am now entering week 3 and I am using the weekly update to enter the values, check some averages and some theoretical dollar values

Screenshot 2019-11-11 22.22.01

As you can see I "made" 4.25 dollars in 2 weeks even though the first week was not a full week for the players and they had to start from 0 reputation.
Now I am using the DEC income to supplement the income from my own account and am buying more cards. The cards I am looking for especially are the summoners. I am aiming at getting all my main summoners at lvl 6 and that needs an investment of roughly 10 dollars and then I will supplement and augment the decks of the players and try to get a 3rd deck up and running by Christmas.

Now, is all of this going to make me rich?

Probably not but in the end the whole Steem experience is kind of like a hobby for me with a potential return at the end. And Splinterlands is fun to boot so why not keep score and see how I am doing financially.

I could take up golfing but that would just cost me money and I do not really think I will turn into Tiger Woods and win any tournaments any time soon. (not to mention that my wife would probably not appreciate me turning into Tiger Woods)

The good thing about this is that I am getting a steady income of DEC. With the UNTAMED pack release coming up soon the price of DEC is likely to rise since people will want to augment their chances of getting gold and legendary cards by using potions. The price for those is still max 45k (a little bit less (max 10%) if you are in a guild with a higher guild hall)

  • Gold potion 25000 DEC
  • Legendary potion 20000 DEC

So what are you doing?

  • Buying DEC
  • Holding your DEC
  • Spending it on cards
  • Selling for Steem

I'm stockpiling DEC by buying cards listed close to their DEC burn value.
I can lease them out over at and if I ever need the DEC I can burn them :)

ah, good point... when I reach the stage that I do not need any specific cards anymore that will be my next option...

oh someone else from switzerland :-) first swiss I met on steem... cheers

ups, het jo au guet uf schwizerdütsch chöne schriebe. :-) grüessli

Schwizerdütsch ist ok aber ich bin eigentlich Belgier, bin ein "Einwanderer" :-)
grüessli züruck

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