Splinterlands investing and ROI

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Being a pioneer in the space is sometimes hard and playing Splinterlands is in a way being just that.

NFT's are a whole new cardgame

We are seeing things pop up that are just the beginning of a whole new economy.

If you are just playing your own cards that is fine and dandy but on the sidelines of this there are people who are creating whole businesses.

If you check out this video from @nealmcspadden he mentions that his projected income for the whole year would be more then the total of his SP holdings which is over 10,000 dollar. Now that is starting to look like a decent passive income

If you look at the post from @aggroed he talks a bit about his income at the end of the video but is making more by renting cards then by running a top20 witness

Personally I do not have that many cards but I did have a few Beta cards over and was not able to reach lvl 7 in summoners on my main account which is now sitting comfortably at lvl 6 summoners and reaching gold1 or diamond3
So I was able to put together 3 lvl3 summoner decks and now have a fourth ready with untamed summoners.

On average the accounts seem to be producing 3000 DEC per week which is at current rates roughly 2.5 dollars.
2.5 X 4 accounts = 10 dollar
10 dollar X 4 weeks = 40 dollar
10 X 52 weeks = 520 Dollars per year.

I also have some cards that are rented out on peakmonsters and @jarvie also posted that the market was growing there. My cards do not get rented out much and its only a few steem here and there but its better then nothing. For the moment I have not put that into my sheet since its really low revenue.

So for the moment I am taking all the Steem rewards and the DEC rewards I am getting and pumping them back into Splinterlands to buy orbs, mistery potions and packs. Also slowly getting more individual cards and summoners for a 5th deck.
I have also activated my starter pack on an alt account to just play till bronze for the extra 7 cards occasionally.

Are you playing for free or getting paid?


What's your long term goal for your splinterlands accounts?

It is still really early days and is hard to tell if splinterlands is going to go big or not but I would like to see them as an additional passive income stream. I am trying to build up a few and be less dependent on my paycheck in the long run.
So getting to roughly 10 accounts is my medium goal.

You thinking about 10 accounts and here I am just starting with the one account lol. I like your plan though. The more passive income streams the better.

well, I have 4 now, so its 6 more to go, almost halfway there.

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This is awesome. Isn't it fun to think we can now find joy playing AND get a monetary return on our investment (aside from happiness)? It's like magic.


Thanks for stopping by Carrie