Read To Know How To Get Some Free Money

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Who doesn't like free money?
Unless you've achieved nirvana and have renounced all forms of human temptations, I'm guessing you like money and free money even more so.

So without bullshitting any further, here's how to get some free money.

  1. Mannabase is a cryptocurrency which has the goal to give out universal basic income.
    Just sign up through this link and you'll receive free manna on a weekly basis.
    The link above is a referral link and I'd be very grateful if you sign up through that link. If in case you don't want to, here's the non referral link
    And that's it. Easy right?
    So far, I have already recieved around 4.5$.(The value was 5$ yesterday)

  2. You could also earn free money from palnet. If you haven't heard about palnet click here.
    Basically, if you have some steem power and you've been active on steem in the last two months, you will recieve a claimdrop of palcoins based on the amount of SP you have. The max for the claimdrop is 2500 palcoins.
    Once you've claimed them, you could sell them on steem-engine or stake them (like I did) to earn curation rewards.

  3. Steemmonsters/Splinterlands. You probably know how to make money with steemmonsters but if you don't, read along.

You get reward cards and dec just for playing the game which you can sell for steem. Click here to start playing.
Non referral link here

Screenshot (37).png

For example, I have received all the above cards as rewards except the ones crossed out and around 210 DEC just by playing the game.

So yeah, its that easy.

Why are you still reading?

Seriously...just go and follow my instructions above.
Oh you already did? Cool. Thanks for reading!
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