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Calling all gamers.

I have an important update regarding STEEM-ENGINE and new tribes of interest to gamers!

Do you play Steemmonsters?
You will want to check out two new Steemmonsters related communities and

Splintertalk is a site used specifically for discussing all things Steem-Monsters / Splinterlands.

Battle Games is becoming very popular new site which you find at, which was created to provide a place to post about gaming.

BattleGames recently added a video blogging site where you can your video gaming content and get post rewards.

Good Gaming Token a community for blogging about video games and gaming like card games and Duce games.

Palnet and its token (PAL). You can use it to post about almost anything. It was created and is run by the group Peace, Abundance and Liberty.

You can post about gaming in any of these three and still get upvotes in all three tokens if you tag the post for these three tokens.
#spt #battle #palnet

It’s complicated, but very exciting to see a lot of new projects and new people joining Steem.

There’s also a new token called Good Gaming Token
A new Token called Intrepeneur
And another called Nexioan.

I was airdropped many of these tokens because I staked my other tokens. I suggest you Stake the coins you get for now because the new projects seem to air drop the people who hung on to their tokens from previous airdrops and staked them.

Stay Staked My Friend




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Your welcome!
Great project!

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I agree, great project, good fun.

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