Time to Rent Out Some Cards?

in #peakmonsterslast year

With so little time before the end of season, what was on my mind?

To rent out some cards on PeakMonsters.

It's something I wanted to do for some time now, but never seemed to find the right moment or the right cards, since I still want to actively play the game and my collection isn't impressive.

But nonetheless, I have some pretty great cards that I never use. True, they are level 1. But they are summoners, and are perfect for low league tournaments where legendary summoners are allowed.

I haven't played a tournament in quite some time, so I thought: Why let these great cards go to waste? I don't use them, because at level 1 they are kinda useless in mid to high leagues. They are perfect to rent out.

The prices (ROI) are very low I'd say, but considering the potential winnings with them wouldn't be great, I think it's fair.

Along with Valnamor, Crypt Mancer and Plado Emberstorm legendary summoners level 1 which I placed for rent, I also added Talia Firestorm (also level 1), which I also don't use, but can be helpful to others for her 2 mana cost.


NICE! I never did this as I am still at a beginer level lol

It's never too late to try, especially if you like to play tournaments and are good at them, for your own level.

I am trying my best. Let's see..

gaming is rewarding too :D