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I think since it started many months ago it's gone up pretty consistently ... it's grown steadily and when i wrote this post a couple days ago we were up to 6282 cards being rented out. (Aka Open Contracts)
I'm finally posting this and I see that since then it's gone up another 50

However, I don't check every week and the last check i did was over a month ago when it was about 4500 open contracts.


  • Not counting Escrow that represents $158.18 in daily fees.
  • And the top renter is $24.67 a day which is now only 15.5% of the market... which is nice to not have too much of the market dependent on one account.
  • Next highest is $15.92 a day.


  • 19 Accounts are spending at least $1.50 a day on rentals.
  • 9 of those accounts made it into the top 100 last season
  • And there are a few others that rent as well.
  • So well over 10% of the top 100 accounts at most times are renters (all or at least a good portion of their cards)


I have a proposal I'm making that can help for OWNERS RENTING out cards.
Here's the rough draft
What happens is i submit something like this and then usually @asgarth tells me if it's doable and then often makes something much better using that seed of an idea and his knowledge of programming.

What would the owners think?

The RENTERS UI changes are much more involved than this... and may take more time.


Thanks for providing this awesome tool to rent cards. It has kept me buying cards consistently. I like the proposed update too.

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Price discovery would be great as it takes time to set them to be competitive. Keep up the great work!

I would like to select several cards, pick a monthly interest rate and have the UI fill in the blanks to list each card at their respective dollar amount.

I have thought that... but the way the rental market has gone I just don't know if that's really good at all. Monthly rates are all over the place each card seems to be a different market and barely any have similar rates. Maybe you put in something that says go slightly lower than what's available... but then you get people upset they out offered a really crappy rate that someone put up like 5 months ago and never bothered changing.

It's all very tricky... I think the biggest thing is to work on the Renter UI and then get splinterlands to make a quick fix to cooldown so a renter can keep renting the same card for several contracts.

I would image the % is so different because it is such a pain to calculate and manually input the different dollar amounts. I for instance have been ok accepting between 2 and 4% per month if I did not have to adjust the last inputted figures for each rental.

I like the update, would be very helpful. Also a thought would have a renters screen, so users know what cards are being rented and ones that are put up for rental too.

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Our hopeful improvements for RENTERS are much bigger. Let's see what we can get done in the next few days.

Awesome, much appreciated for the response. I think I'm going to get more into that then playing, so I'll be checking for updates...

I would like an easier way to adjust prices for cards that are currently rented out to be applied to the next rental term. Currently I have to either catch the card to do updates while it is hopefully not rented again or cancel the contract. If I could adapt rental conditions that will be used for the next term my updating of rental conditions would be a lot easier.

Yes agreed that has been on the radar for a long time. I think @asgarth was saying this may be challenging technologically.

One thing we really want to see is @steemmonsters changing the cooldown rules to allow RENTERS not have a cooldown if they rent the same card immediately after ending a contract. If no one else plays that card inbetween there shouldn't be a cooldown.

It would be great for owners to see the meta data of each card or the overall renting market. With meta data I mean average profit% per card, total amount of renters and owners in USD value etc...the more transparancy we have with market data the more renters and owners are willing to take the trade.

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The mockup !giphy looks+good :)

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