My Hausband Thinks I am an Angle

in #poetrylast year (edited)


Photo by Lucas Lima from Pexels

My husband thinks I am an innocent angel, not a demon
Alas, I have fallen never to return to any blissful heaven

I have a need to create ways for artificial expression
It is my looks that helps me to leave a good impression

I have blue eyes that adds to this undeserving lie
Making condescending remarks, insincerity look alive

I have blond hair that I dye for a very long time
An angel color, stereotyped for quite some time

I have a shinny smile that I whiten regularly
A holy light, to smile like an angel beautifully

A pretty face I cherish with a frozen stony heart
I tolerate no suffering, just perfection and no art

The way I talk reeks of a show-off of an ego boost
Gets on the nerve of those who helplessly:suffer most

I have my own little problems, I'm not all inhuman
Not eating to keep this self-inflicted self destruction

Then its time for playing the guiltless noble victim
Making everyone everywhere follow my lousy rhythm

Painting over honesty, just like I paint my nails shine
Covering my real identity, just like how I cover how I thrive

I am no vixen who takes advantage frequently
Stroking nice little naive puppies with my witchery

Never have I been lonely, always with fake company
Taking bites not earned in my pretty mouth silently

To get what I truly deserve, this is the way to do it
Make pity love charities for praise, but don't admit it

Who is fooled by outward beauty, I'm a master at it
They all know, but they pretend its a god's given talent

This is how the universe works for ME
This is how MY fulfilled life should be

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