Splinterlands Season Rewards, not too shabby!

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In the past, I was always so eager to get my season rewards but lately, I savor the moment and make sure I can truly enjoy a good drop. This season was pretty generous for me and I am stoked to upgrade some cards.

I am on the other hand a little distracted by the idea of the new cards and booster packs, can't wait to see what the Splinterlands team has been up to!

Season Rewards


Did you get anything cool? Be sure to share what you got so I can drool a little over the sweet rewards!

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Appreciate it! Thanks =)

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That's a really nice haul @scrooger. I'm glad you finally got some good cards.

Mine were really rubbish as usual. 40 cards. No gold. No epic. No legendary. In fact, I've not had a single legendary in the last 332 cards. That's as far back as I could check. Golds just 4 and epics 5. Too depressing for words. 😢

Ah no, that looks like a very long streak of bad luck! At least your epics and golds are still dropping. Still, not that great not seeing a legendary for so long. Don't give up hope though! Will you be buying some of the new booster packs?

I bought some of the new packs in Kickstarter but more from an investment point of view. I don't think I will keep playing much longer as the rewards are so disappointing for me. I've kept going for nearly 2 months without a legendary but it's the opposite of fun these days. Tournaments are so much harder too.

I've been away from home since Thursday and have been on the computer very little. I'd like to be able to maintain that when I get back but it's easy to get sucked in again. I've another nice long weekend away next week though so maybe the 2 consecutive trips will break me of the habit. My back will thank me that's for sure! 😂

Hahaha, same here. I also bought some from an investment point of view.

I don't think you should give up just yet, keep at it. Even if you don't play tournaments, you at least earn dec and random daily rewards. The dry spell shall pass. I think you might regret it later if you stop now. If you really feel down and out then at least do only the daily reward fights.

do only the daily reward fights

That's what I've been doing for the last 3 seasons and not even every day because the rubbish reward cards get me down.

I completed a DQ today and, quess what? I got 6 commons and 1 chicken. Then I come into Discord and right away I'm confronted with someone showing off the wonderful cards they got . . . again! Wah!!!

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