RS Giveaway #2. First Results and Another Round Announcement!

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Good day, Rising Star family!


A week past super fast and the first round of my first giveaway in Rising star game is over. So it is time to choose a winner! Unfortunately, there were not so many participants. But it is fine, we just get starting, right?

So, FAN BOOST 5 card is going to @mimismartypants !!!

Thank you for the participating!

Now it is time to announce another round of the giveaway. The rules are the same! But I will write it again below!


  1. Join Rising Star Game, if you didn't do it yet

  2. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter

  3. Comment your IG and Twitter ID! And Tag one of your friends!


  • A Week from this giveaway's post. Just before I receive the Payout.


Round 2 Prize!


I will send 500 STARBITS to the winner via Hive Engine

Upvote and repost are not obligatory but highly appreciated!

Follow my events and giveaways by hashtag #irisevent!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

If you play @splinterlands, then don't miss my Splinterlands giveaway too! Today is the last chance to participate in the first round


If you don't play Rising Star yet, try it now and win a free card or earn STARBIT tokens.

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@minimining, @zoe24 and @hykss, come win some starbits! was gonna tag @fdeflash but he is too fast for me!

hahaha! fast like fde "FLASH"

Hhahhahaha! Definitely!

Impossible. I am to old to understand Insta.

Lol I hear they tip you jn crypto on insta if you post enough selfies! I'm also not on insta, so I get you!

yes and I am too young, but thanks :)

Twitter is also allowed :)

thanks for mentioning this, but no twitter, nonono

Oh well. Just thought I'd let you guys know!

Awesome! Thank you!

I think maybe terms are limited here! Most people here don't like. Other social media. Maybe open up requirements and you'll get more entries!

@mimismartypants thank you for recommendations! I will think about it 😊


Thanks you so much!

But now i cant enter again? As I already followed the rules once?

@mimismartypants of course, you can :)
I hope more people will learn about that giveaway and participate :)

Twitter @gameplaysybugs
Instagram: fdeflash

Its here where I must write?

Great! Thank you for participating!

yes it is! good luck buddy!


Sorry. No insta here But Good giveaway anyway

@minimining you can use twitter, if you have one :)


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