Rising Star : Daily status and card give away - Day 6

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Daily Status

Moved on to "Busking with A license" mission. One more level up and I can take music classes.

Level: 9
Fans: 1111
Skill: 995
Luck: 681
Income multiplier: 31
star bit: 3592


Card winners
@mawit07 : 10
@logicforce : 6
@bocatan : R18
@proto26 : 13
@sirdemian : R19

Congratulations to all the winners. Cards have been sent out.

Pack openings



Rising star Tips

If you dont have a pizza box please consider buying one as it will come handy in storing pizzas which can be used for energy boost. Valuable tip from @proto26.

There was an earlier tip to take up music classes when possible as it will help gain more experience and skill with less energy.

Card give away rules

Please vote and comment on the post to be eligible for next draw.

You may comment about strategy to play, best practices on blog/ give away or any information you like to share.

Splinterlands give away update

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be starting a splinterlands give away with below rewards

2 X 100 DEC
1 X Rare or better monster/ summoner opened from packs or received as quest reward or bought from market.

To be eligible for the splinterlands give away please upvote and comment in this post


Thanks for the card. Recommend getting a coffee since right now market prices for them are pretty low. Like 0.3 swap.hive. Coffee gives temporary energy boost.



Thanks for the card! Hope to win another one ;)

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Thank you so much mate! Keep up the grind, and if you find the time hop in to the discord of RisingStarGame!

Oh man!
I won again an awesome card!
Thank you so much 🙏

Thanks for the card! Hm I think I'm all out of tips for now. Keep on posting and grinding so that you can grow!