Lend some dragon cards? Pay what you want

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and this

Some days ago I tried to lease out my white cards - with good result. Now it is time for some dragon and MELEE-POWER

@mimismartypants now you have your chance !
Or someelse of course...

Tell me in comment what you want to pay for keeping this 15 sep to 15 okt. It can be BEE-token, Dash, Ether, Dash, BTC, DEC, HBD or anything else.

Row 1 - 0,77-0,43-0,51-7,10-1,31 = 10
row 2 - 1,50-4,50-1,80-3,18-6,41= 17
row 3 5,83-1-0,95 = 8
35 USD value
3 % of it is about 1 USD so that is marketprice.
But with this deal you make it more easy than go by peakmonster

MELLEE POWER - with this line-up


Yay I get a chance! I prob don't want the whole set as I have quite a few of these. And also want to upgrade my own cards as per your advice. But I'd be keen to lease a few of them. Would you be open to this?

I suppose if I take it all will increase my power.. Mmmm

Its up to you. Tell me what you need and you get it. Or - make it easy and take it all and pay with ACTIVEFIT token. You just ran around all day so you probably have some :-)
Do as you want - The dragon is just now in your hand. Decide today/tommorow and you have it the last day in this season too.

And of course I delegate some neutrals too. Some lvl 3-4-5

Will not play anyway next 40 days

actifit sounds good! I'm willing to offer you 1000 afit for the lot. but how will i get it to you? there is no direct move straight to hive engine - any ideas? I'll have to investigate.

No problem. You send them to my account at steem. You login at steem-engine and send to my name. You have used steem-engine before? Exactly the same as hive-engine

Just send to @minimining. then I can use them as I want - maybe trade them to somehing else.
So just tell me and you have your dragons and some neutrals same day

seems like i can only move to hive engine and only 100 a day. and then move them to SE. which means you have to wait 11 days to get it all. bit of a mission. rather lease it out! also its gonna take a lot more than that for me to increase my deck power and jump a league jump a league, so it wont make much difference. This new game play has changed the game so much. if we were on the old system i would use my dec for the lease. but now saving my dec to upgrade my summoners (as per your advice)!! and have little liquid hive or steem. so will sit this one out thanks

Ok. So many rules all over the place. Keep on playing and hope you get good season rewards