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Today I have solidified myself in the number one spot as the top holder of SPT! I wrote the article below just two short months ago and in that time I have literally doubled my holdings to over 2 million SPT. With this, I feel a new sense of responsibility to not only curate the best content but also help build SPT. I will be joining forces with @Monster-Curator and lobbying the Splinterlands development team for further use cases of SPT. My goal is to use some of these rewards to host tournaments and other interesting giveaways as well. Please let me know if you have any ideas on ways to implement that in the comments below. I do plan on self voting from time to time, but I can promise the majority of my rewards will be going right back into this community. I will be posting regular updates as we roll out our plans!


Today is the day! I finally hit my goal of 1 million SPT and I can safely say I am now officially a SplinterTalk Whale! It's crazy to me that I was able to achieve a top-five holding in just a few short months. I was able to build this from nothing as I was not part of the original airdrop, simply by curating and buying off the market. I still think SPT is extremely undervalued especially because a lot of the "tribes" do not have nearly the community we have here, and that is what matters. I plan on continuing to slowly grow my holdings and now focusing on manually curating daily. There is a bunch of great content (with even more on the way after the new expansion untamed) and I will be seeking out the best of the best for 100% upvotes. Do yourself a favor and start collecting SPT, this community is just getting started…


Join me as I highlight some of the best SteemMonsters "Beta Pack" openings over the next few months. The supply of these cards is dwindling every day and once they are gone, that is it. All of these Bet Packs not only help to build a profitable deck to play with but will also increase in value over time. Each card you own individually and can be traded on several markets as if they were tokens themselves. In my opinion, this is the most fun investment I have made in crypto to date!

The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That's the general rule. - Nick Johnson

Are you playing Splinterlands? If not, you should be! Like many of you, I have heard of this game for months and never took the time to dive in. I thought I'd "missed the boat" so to speak, but I can assure you that's not the case. Once you actually play, you understand the potential and awesome community behind it. You can sign up here, happy to answer any questions in the comments below. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=abrockman

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Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉

Congrats! Onward and upward.


That is awesome! Thank you!

Impressive achievement, @abrockman. I'm relatively new to Splinterlands but really enjoy the game. I played DOTA2 a while back (not very well), and I think it'd be really helpful to have a resource like dotabuff.com to see personal and global stats. I've seen a few posts around with some stats, but encouraging more analytics content (both stats and how to diy) would be a great use of your whaledom. In the opinion of a tiny minnow. Thanks for your leadership.

Great suggestions, glad to hear you are liking it, Keep in touch!

tournaments with SPT as the prize would be awesome! It would help distribute the token to the community and get people who don't know about SPT to look into it (hopefully).

Awesome, will work on that for sure!

Awesome stuff, congrats on becoming the number one holder of SPT. I agree with you that SPT is very undervalued. I can't wait to join the millionair club but for now I got my sights set on 500K.

I look forward to reviewing your Beta pack openings.

Thank you! Keep up the great content and you will be there in no time.

This is awesome. You hit your goals fast. Keep pushing.

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Thank you, yes, on to 3 million

Way to go on the achievement. Can not wait to hear your opinions on beta packs. Thanks!

Thank you!

Congrats on becoming the number 1 SPT holder, that is a big achievement!

Thank you! Yes, this is all in the beginning :)

Congrats on becoming a real SPT whale @abrockman!!! I'm happy to read you want to work on getting SPT more valued than it is now. I think joining forces with @monster-curator is a good start as I have the idea this account is voting very responsibly using the big stake. I'm always very please whenever I see this vote and trail land on my posts!

Enjoy Whaledom!!!

Thanks so much, yes, we will continue to spread the love on great content. Keep creating!

@abrockman - congratulations on achieving the mega goal.
I also think that SPT is underestimated and maybe tournaments with prizes in SPT, or if it is possible with SPT participation fees, will add value to them.


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Thanks so much! Really appreciate the tip as well :)

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