Kissing 300,000,000

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So, I was poking around at some economic modelling stuff when I asked myself "Self, when was the last time you checked in on the amount of DEC that people owned?" When I realized it had been a while I decided to go inspectin'. Well, I wasn't let down. Turns out we've burned just shy of 300 hundred million DEC!


That's a lot of DEC!

You can check for yourself by using this link to @inertia's block explorer:

It means that we've awarded that much to players. I can't really begin to comprehend the amount of money that this game has shared with players. I doubt there's anything like it out there. Daily quest rewards, season quest rewards, wins with every battle, packs, and the tournament bar is kissing $100,000 USD worth of prizes there.

It's gotta be north of 400-500k when it's all added up. It's probably still a lot higher. Anyway, if you ain't playin' you crazy!

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Funny... @null is richer than @steemmonsters! So nobody is really somebody in this game.

My take away from all this " If you ain't playin' you crazy!

@aggroed, Definitely these are Sensational numbers and it will be not wrong if we call this phase as Early Phase. Future Of Splinterlands 👾 looks like filled with the Path Of Gems 💎.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed. 🙂

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Lol, you so cute in a used car salesman kind of way ;)

Mind you Splinterlans is no used car, more like Brad Pitt's RV

That is like 1 DEC for every person in America

I am using this app since one year, yet I did not get single cent...

I am using this
App since one year, yet I did
Not get single cent...

                 - vshe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That app than you refer is steemit? Use
If you refer to splinterlands, you need to buy the started pack to start win rewards...

I like to Use DEC to get GOLD Card Rewards.............


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