The Assassin in Gold

in #splinterlandslast year

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Getting a Gold Foil Card Anyday is a great thing for me but to get two Gold Foils is just amazing. Even better that it was a Gold Foil Silvershield Assasin. Lately, I have been in love with the Silvershield Assasin and have been using that card a lot in my fights. It basically has three abilities namely Sneak, Double Strike and Poison and if you have been reading my Splinterlands Blogs than you know that Poison is one of my favorite abilities.


If that was not enough it even has Double Strike ability which basically means that Silvershield Assasin has twice the chance to Poison my opponent which is freaking awesome. The only thing that could have made this Card any better for me would have been if it was a Neutral Card and I could have used it in almost every battle. But I can't have everything so I guess this is ok for me now.



Nice hit on the golds.

Did you use potions?

Yes I am always using both Legendary and Gold Foil potions for maximum luck. Hehe.

nice draw ;)

@arunava, Congratulations brother and it looks like Double Luck followed you today. Stay blessed.

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