Buy Your Splinterlands Cards From - Earn 3% Cash Back!

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We Strongly Recommend You Try For Your Next Splinterlands Card Purchase!

Earn That Sweet 3% Cash back! 🔥

As an example I was working on leveling a new card and wanted the best deal possible, makes sense right..? So I logged into using Steem Keychain [Completely Secure], and purchased about 4,643 DEC worth of cards..

Here's my instant 3% cash back ->>

Checkout the market here

It's a project by trusted STEEM veterans @reazuliqbal and @zaku, can usually find one of them kicking around Discord if you have any questions. Here's a link to their latest announcement post.

Besides the awesome instant cash back feature its got some pretty sweet tools like the Openings Analyzer which allows you to see the value of packs you've opened. This includes Alpha, Beta, and the new Untamed packs.

As an example I've opened 7 Untamed packs with the @battlegames account and the value of the packs based on current market prices is $17.84,. not bad eh?!?

It even shows the burn value and costs of the potions, and if you scroll down further it gives the breakdown of value by card!

The other tool featured on is the Cost Estimator, this allows you to get a sense of what it costs to build a deck and compete at a particular level.

As an example here I've selected the powerful Earth splinter and selected Gold as my playing level.

It tell us that it costs about $310 USD to build this Splinter.

Annnd if you scroll down it gives you a handy breakdown of the costs per card so you've got this extra info handy if needed.

Some great tools here! Try this market to get the best deal on cards with the instant 3% cash back, it cant be beat!



I need to try it out.

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The interface has felt pretty intuitive, and you know everything will cost 3% less than other markets which is awesome!

Ever since I learned about it through their discord channel I have been hooked. Wish I had known sooner but better late than never.

Cool! Glad your liking it! Wont be purchasing cards anywhere else.

I haven't purchased from their yet but its certainly an awesome option for all us Monster Maniacs.

With everything being at a 3% discount its really the only option for purchases :)

It looks to me like it is actually 310 USD therefore; ~2550 steem, 510 SBD OR 375000 DEC.

Kinda late to the party... looks cool tho

Yes you are right, good catch! have updated the post :)

wow! sounds cool! should try it